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Subject: SLS: Missing Children (fwd)

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for all your help here.

Your message is so thoughtful and
considerate, albeit a painful subject.

I was led to "back into" this problem 
last year, when a client asked me 
to help him defeat a sentence
of 21 years in state prison for 
conspiracy to kidnap.  He had been
looking for a long lost child, and
backed himself into a racket which the
FBI is aiding and abetting -- to kidnap 
run-away minors from inner cities,
and bring them to Tucson, Arizona,
where their papers and identities
are changed, as they are placed into
the custody of the Child Protective
Service program in Arizona. 

When a child is kidnapped, what agency
do people first call?  


I won't go into the details of the "sentencing,"
but I can tell you that the judge, the
prosecutor, and "public defender" [sic]
were not too happy when I came upon the scene.  

The charge was legally untenable,
because it takes two to conspire, and
only one defendant had been tried.  The
other 3 were ATF agents who extorted a
"confession" -- by screwing a silencer
onto a 9-millimeter, pointing it at his
head, and telling him that he WAS going
to confess to conspiracy to kidnap,
wasn't he?  He confessed!!

By the time I was brought into the case,
a guilty verdict had already been issued.  

I knew something was very fishy when I 
served the Public Defender ("PD") with papers
to disqualify him from the case, because
he had violated attorney/client privileges --
by filing a pleading which falsely claimed
that the defendant had admitted guilt, in
the PD's office.  

As I served him the papers, he never
took his eyes off the floor in front of him,
and refused to allow his eyes to meet 
mine.  At sentencing, the PD entered the
courtroom, stretched his arms out on the
bar, and said, "I'm getting old."  I had all
I could do to keep from saying, "So, why don't
you quit?"  I didn't.  The story goes on, and
led me to other cases which have been mostly
unrelated to the child kidnapping ring.  

However, it came full circle recently, when 
I had to serve a criminal complaint upon an IRS agent, 
and I decided to deliver it to the IRS public
counter in person.  There, in their lobby,
was a marquee when 7-8 "mug shots" of young
kids, ages 5 to 10.  I grew very angry, knowing
then, as I did, that these kids were probably
gone forever, and that there were federal 
government employees in that very building who
also knew what I had recently discovered.

If you want an authoritative source of information
on this racket, read "The Franklin Coverup," a 
story which began in Nebraska, and now has links
to Belgium and other places around the world.  When
the Belgium story broke, the Leige firemen turned
out to hose the local court buildings, where the
ritual murders were being covered up -- by a very
corrupt judiciary.  

Sounds familiar, yes?

Thanks again.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:23 AM 9/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Paul,
>I have found two articles on the subject of missing persons and organ 
>transplants which I thought would be of concern to you.  They basically 
>address the subject of stories that have circulated for some years about 
>children being kidnapped for their organs.  Their reliability is anyone's 
>Since I have not been privy to any details of information you have 
>received about this, please understand that it is not my purpose to try to 
>discredit it.  I truly am only trying to help get to the truth.  Of
course, I 
>would expect you would investigate thoroughly any information you have
>received and also the reliability of the person who gave you such 
>information, as I'm sure you must be attempting to do.  Kidnapping and
>abusing a child for any reason is a horrible crime.
>I have also found information on the American Life League web site that 
>the organs and tissue of aborted children are being used and that the 
>this is being done with no consideration given to the pain and suffering 
>inflicted upon the child before his or her death.  But then, what should 
>we expect from those who would kill defenseless children for money 
>and for the convenience of the mother, however misled she may be.  I 
>expect that if this information were more widely known, it would probably
>save many little lives that are now being ended by abortions.  These very 
>disturbing articles can be found at:
>The above articles may not be of much help in your personal situation,
>but I thought that you would want to have the information.  

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