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Subject: SLS: NASA's vision of the internet (fwd)

>>      Media are invited to witness NASA's vision for the next
>> Generation Internet, expected to be a thousand times faster   <---!!!
>> than today's.  These and other innovations that will become
>> the products of tomorrow will be on display at Technology
>> 2007, the eighth annual National Technology Transfer
>> Conference, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA,
>> Sept. 22-24.  Attendees also can don 3D glasses and view a
>> monster 17-foot long panorama of the Martian landscape taken
>> by the Mars Pathfinder mission.
>>          Technology 2007 gives U.S. companies access to the
>> hottest inventions developed by NASA and the other federal
>> labs so they can develop a whole range of new products with
>> down-to- Earth uses.NASA offers access to its 11,000
>> scientists and engineers to partner with companies in their
>> R&D efforts.  Products like the pacemaker, car design
>> software ... even an MRI ... all came from NASA technology.
>>      Convention attendees can explore 80,000 square feet of
>> the latest technology innovations emanating from NASA,
>> federal laboratories, their contractors,state
>> organizations, universities and private companies at the
>> annual business event.  It will be held from 10 a.m. to 4
>> p.m, EDT, Sept. 22-23 and from 10 a.m. to 3
>> p.m. on Sept. 24.  Media representatives can reach NASA
>> personnel at the convention by pager at 1-800-417-0968.
>> For registration information, please call 508-790-3200.
>>      Demonstration of a new Internet -- a thousand times
>> faster and more reliable than today's -- for 21st century
>> researchers is the subject of a plenary session speech to be
>> given by NASA's Christine Falsetti.  More information can be
>> obtained on the researchers' Internet page at URL:
>>                        http://www.ngi.gov
>>      More information about Technology 2007 can be obtained
>> by telephoning the Technology Utilization Foundation at
>> 212/490-3999.
>> The Technology 2007 website is at URL:
>>                       www.abptuf.org/T2007
>>      People can learn more about NASA inventions by calling
>> 1-800-678-6882 or by accessing the NASA Commercial
>> Technology Network web page at URL:
>>                  http://nctn.hq.nasa.gov/nctn/

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