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Subject: SLS: Netline to Congress Results

>Subject: Q&A
>Here are the results of questions asked daily of many people,
>that the members of the U.S. Congress & Senate read.
>I have been told the daily response is over one million, but
>I need more information to support these findings.
>My many friends and I respond daily to the new questions.  If
>you need help on going to the site let me know.
>                            Netline To Congress
>            Information & Explanation About Netline To Congress
>                             Previous Questions
>8-4-97  Should public officials who violate their "Oath of Office" in any
>way or manner be impeached immediately?  Results:  YES=98%  NO=2%
>8-5-97  Do you believe that Congress and the President have actually
>lowered taxes, reduced spending, and prepared a budget that could ever be
>balanced?  Results:  YES=0%  NO=100%
>8-6-97  The influx of Chinese imports have created a U.S. trade deficit of
>near $100 Billion dollars by competing American Workers against Chinese
>slave labor.  Should Congress rescind the Favored Nation status granted
>China this year? Results:  YES=100%  NO=0%
>8-7-97  Since the passage of the Gatt Agreement, millions of Americans have
>lost their jobs.  Should Congress vote to remove the United States from
>participation in the Gatt Agreement and thus avoid the arbitrary authority
>of the international World Trade Organization, which enforces Gatt?
> Results:  YES=100%  NO=0%
>8-08-97  The Framers of the Constitution believed that serving in Congress
>was an honorable and patriotic duty, not an occupation or profession.
> Would you agree with Congress limiting its sessions to two (2) months per
>year and its members being paid a travel allowance and a reasonable per
>diem fee while in session, instead of a salary and pension?
>Results:  YES=93%  NO=7%
>8-11&12-97  In the latest Budget, Congress apparently gave approval to
>President Clinton to negotiate an expansion of NAFTA.  A negotiated
>expansion, according to the latest Budget Bill, will then be voted on by
>Congress with a "fast track" yes or no vote and no debate.  Do you think
>Congress should vote to defeat any expansion of NAFTA?  Results:
>YES=95%  NO=5%
>8-13-97  Reportedly, U.S. armed forces are based in approximately 100
>countries. Except for a few strategic bases, do you think Congress should
>vote to bring our military personnel home and close most of the foreign
>bases?  Results: YES=81%  NO=19%
>8-14-97  Do you think Congress should abolish the income tax?  Results:
>YES=95%  NO=5%
>8-19-97  Would you like for Congress to propose a Constitutional Amendment
>that would abolish lifetime appointments of federal judges and that would
>require all federal judgeships be filled by election every 4 years, within
>the district for district courts, within the circuit for Court of Appeals,
>and nationally for the Supreme Court, and which prohibits consecutive
>re-election?  Results: YES=79%  NO=21%
>8-20-97  Over 2 years ago the President told the Congress and the American
>People that U.S. troops would be in Bosnia not longer than 1 year. Do you
>think that Congress should stop the funding for U.S. troops in
>Bosnia?  Results: YES=100%  NO=0%
>8-21-97  In 1979 there were approximately 11 federal law enforcement
>agencies. Today, 18 years later, there are 32 such executive branch
>agencies with over 60,000 armed agents, collectively. Most of these
>agencies have trained "swat teams", members of which wear black ski masks,
>black ninja-like clothing, and black boots. They are armed with
>sophisticated automatic weapons and sniper rifles, and they are primarily
>trained to kill. Do you believe that Congress should refuse to fund 32
>federal law enforcement agencies and 60,000 armed federal agents?  Results:
>YES=100%  NO=0%
>8-22-97  Should Congress pass a law which allows terminally ill patients
>the right to choose any alternative or experimental drug, therapy,
>treatment or procedure?  Results: YES=86%  NO=14%
>8-25-97  Should Congress pass a law which limits campaign contributions by
>individuals and corporations to any federal office candidate to $1,000 or
>less, and which prohibits pac contributions?  Results: YES=93%  NO=7%
>8-26-97  The Constitution identifies only 4 federal crimes.  In Article I
>Section 8, it says Congress shall have the power "To provide for the
>Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current coin of the United
>States...To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high
>Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations."  In Article III, Treason is
>listed.  Article III also requires that the Trial of all crimes be held in
>the State where the crimes were committed.  The constitution does not
>provide for the establishment of any federal law enforcement agencies.
> Article VI states that all executive state officers shall be bound by Oath
>or Affirmation to support the Constitution.  Thus, such officers (ie.,
>Sheriffs) have constitutional authority to enforce the aforementioned
>federal crimes.  Should Congress repeal all federal criminal laws not
>specifically provided for in the constitution and abolish all federal law
>enforcement agencies?  Results: YES=88%  NO=12%
>8-28-97  Should Congress act quickly and impeach all elected federal
>officials who accepted illegal campaign contributions in 1994 and
>1996?  Results: YES=99%  NO=1%
>8-29-97  In light of the 1st Amendment's guarantee of the right of freedom
>of speech and the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
>petition the Government for a redress of grievances, should Congress
>refrain from passing any law which, in any way or manner, regulates the
>Internet?  Results: YES=91%  NO=9%
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