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Subject: SLS: Operation of Law [sic]

The California Civil Code states that the
ONLY obligation imposed by operation of law
is to avoid doing damage or injury to the person
or property of another.  That is the ONLY
obligation which so arises.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 09:28 AM 8/31/97 -0700, you wrote:
>All crimes are commercial crimes:
>27 CFR Ch. 1 (4-9-93 Edition) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
>Treasury -
>  Section 72.11  Meaning of terms.
>     "COMMERCIAL CRIMES.  Any of the following types of crimes (federal
>or state):
>	Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting;
>	kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of
>deadly weapons;
>	prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white
>slavery, keeping
>	a house of ill fame, and the like offenses); swindling and
>confidence games;
>	and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding
>any of the
>	foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of
>marihuana will be
>	treated as if such were a COMMERCIAL CRIME."
>I recently accessed a university's law library by computer modem and
>asked what was listed under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).  Ten
>general headings were listed, on the list was criminal justice,
>transportation, and taxes.  The law library's computer knows these
>things, BUT attorney's and government agency officials deny they operate
>under the UCC.  When asked what jurisdiction they operate under, the
>answer is vague, "It's the law, not anything commercial."  They lie or
>are as ignorant as we were before we made an effort to look.
>You may have heard of Howard Griswald.  He kept after a judge to tell him
>what law they use, until the judge angrily replied, "It's under the
>OPERATION OF LAW."  Looking up "operation of law" in Black's Law
>Dictionary it is obvious the term can apply only to commercial law:
>          Operation of law.  This term expresses the manner in which
>rights, and
>	sometimes liabilities, devolve upon a person by the mere
>	to the particular transaction of the established rules of law,
>without the
>	act or co-operation of the party himself.
>       Black's Law dictionary, 6th Edition, page 1092

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