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>By Paul Weyrich
>I am indebted to Sarah Foster of WorldNET Daily, a publication of the
>Western Journalism Center in California, for compiling some data about the
>growing use of lethal weapons by various federal agencies.
>These agencies are beginning to use their firepower against American
>citizens as they are tasked with enforcing the many new federal laws which
>have been enacted, federalizing crimes which heretofore have been handled
>Foster estimates the number of heavily-armed federal agents at some 60,000
>and even provides a convenient list of agencies which have more than 25
>personnel under arms. As Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America exclaimed
>when he was told the number: "Good grief, that's a standing army. It's
>These federal agents have been trained to enforce the more than 3,000
>criminal laws and the hundreds of thousands of federal regulations which
>now carry criminal penalties. This is why the U.S. Park Service now has
>military-style helicopters and trained snipers which they turn on
>unsuspecting citizens. One 15-year-old girl, Crystal Graybeel, was sleeping
>late in her cabin, according to Foster, when federal agents wearing ski
>masks and armed with machine guns raided the place she was staying on Santa
>Cruz Island off of the California coast. Although she had nothing to do
>with the purpose for the raid, she was handcuffed and kept in custody for
>more than two hours. Most of the island is already owned by the government,
>but there is one remaining privately held piece of property, a 6,500-acre
>bow-and-arrow hunting ranch. It seems that the Park Service suspected that
>Chumash Indian graves which were on the private property were being raided
>for human remains and artifacts. Caretakers who have been charged with this
>crime have vehemently denied it, but, meanwhile, those who happened to be
>there on January 14th of this year were subjected to armed U.S. agents
>training their guns on U.S. citizens. Maria Daily, the president of the
>Santa Cruz Island Foundation, put it this way: "It saddens me that the Park
>Service resorted to Ruby Ridge tactics. This incident crosses the line."
>The founders of this constitutional republic never intended for the United
>States to have a federal police force to deal with domestic matters. Yes,
>we had armed forces and even armed border patrols, but these troops were
>for the purpose of keeping our potential foreign enemies at bay. 
>In the past, when federal agencies needed to enforce a federal law, they
>simply contacted the local authorities, who examined the situation. If the
>local sheriff felt the matter was sufficiently serious, he would obtain a
>warrant and execute the search or initiate the arrest. Increasingly,
>however, local authorities have resisted federal orders which they feel are
>unjust. So the federal government has decided to build its own domestic
>army to override local authorities. In many cases these federal agents
>operate on their own initiative, without obtaining proper warrants. 
>In short, we are on our way to building the sort of internal police force
>which the Communist authorities were noted for. As many of the internal
>police forces in former Communist nations are being disbanded and laws are
>being passed to prevent such forces from ever being assembled again, our
>internal police force is just beginning to gain momentum. Indeed, many of
>these different agencies are coordinating their efforts so they can plan
>and execute raids together. The number of trained armed federal agents has
>increased by 12,000 over the past decade, but in 1996 alone 2,436 were added.
>Where is the constitutional authority for all of this? When has Congress
>specifically authorized such a national police force? Who is providing the
>constitutional guidelines for these armed agents? Who is training them on
>what is and is not permissible? Are we not at the point where Ruby Ridge
>cases will become routine in America?
>Whatever the facts of the matter, the tragic death of an American goat
>herder, killed by Marine snipers last May on the Texas-Mexico border, shows
>the need for better training and better control.
>The improper exercise of force by federal agents is a matter which cries
>out for examination. As Lisa Dean pointed out on a recent edition of our
>program "Endangered Liberties" (which airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6
>p.m. Pacific), each of these incidents is looked at as a disconnected
>matter, when collectively such abuses of power constitute a gross violation
>of constitutional authority. We join her in calling for Congressional field
>hearings to examine this issue. Let those who have been victimized by
>federal agents come forth to testify. I believe the American people would
>be shocked to learn the truth. 
>For most of our life as an independent nation, the United States managed to
>enforce federal laws perfectly well without a domestic army. Even the FBI,
>which built an excellent reputation for doing federal law enforcement work,
>was very, very careful -- until just recently -- to avoid any situation
>where local law enforcement officials were overridden. In fact, much of
>what the FBI accomplished was with the cooperation of local and state
>officials. Now the agency operates more and more independently. Combined
>with the drastic increase in other federal agents, this new method of
>operating around and outside of the local law enforcement structure
>constitutes a grave danger to our constitutional form of government.
>Congressman Bill McCollum of Florida has asked the GAO for a series of
>reports on the increased use of federal agents for federal law enforcement.
>The next logical step for McCollum would be to take his Committee on the
>road to conduct field hearings on exactly what is happening in the real
>world. Never mind what Louis Freeh and all of the others in charge of these
>domestic troops claim is happening. We must hear from the citizens who know
>the truth. Field hearings should begin as soon as it is possible to
>organize them, and you can assist by demanding of the Congress that this be
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