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Subject: SLS: PC DMV

Have her write to them with a formal
request for a certified copy of the
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
("MSO") for her 1986 Volvo.  

She needs to provide them with the
chassis serial number (NOT an engine
number, or license plate number).

That should produce some VERY interesting
results, to say the least.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 09:40 AM 8/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>                                PC DMV
>     "Mission Viejo, Calif.—Judy Ann Petty is having a run-in with the
>state over what she
>     says is political correctness run amok. For 11 years, Petty has
>displayed a
>     personalized license plate on her 1986 Volvo. Now, officials with
>the state
>     Department of Motor Vehicles want it removed on grounds of racial
>     Petty said the plate, 'RAPNJAP,' simply spells out her initials and
>the initials of her
>     husband, Robin Arnett Petty; a complaint to DMV said the plate could
>     Japanese-Americans. The DMV consulted the Japanese American Citizens
>     after receiving the complaint from a lawyer. 'It's unbelievable that
>they would take
>     something as benign as initials and turn it into a PC crusade,'
>Petty said. The Pettys
>     will argue in defense of their plate at a DMV hearing Aug. 26. 'If I
>lose,' Petty said, 'I
>     want to put 'The DMV stinks!' on my plate.' " 
>     —USA Today, August 4, 1997 
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