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Subject: SLS: Political Action: Judicial vs. Executive

Federal grand juries are not legal bodies,
because of the unconstitutional bias which
the Jury Selection and Service Act ("JSSA") 
exhibits against Citizens of the several states.

See the OPENING BRIEF in the case law section
of the Supreme Law Library at URL:


for a thorough legal analysis of this fatal
flaw in the JSSA.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Strange to find these two stories on the same day. Note the different means
>in which people choose to address thier grievances.
>What we have here is a failure to communicate.
>Sadly, it may sevre as an indicator of where the country is headed.
>P.S. In the first story, take note of who was aquitted
> 08/13/1997 23:19 EST 
> Jury Rejects Common Law Court 
> Associated Press Writer 
> TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- The founder and followers of an anti-government
> militia were convicted Wednesday of threatening to arrest judges, juries and
> elected officials to try to stop them from doing their jobs. 
> A jury ruled Emilio Ippolito and his supporters conspired to intimidate
> authorities to obtain favorable verdicts in criminal cases, dismissals of
> indictments and reversals of convictions. 
> Ippolito, leader of the Constitutional Common Law Court of We the People,
> was tried along with his daughter and six followers on multiple conspiracy
> and obstruction of justice charges. 
> The group is based in Tampa and prosecutors said it operated across the
> nation. 
> ``We honestly believed we were covered by the First Amendment and had
> the right to complain about the way the courts are. The jury didn't see
it that
> way,'' said defense attorney Daniel Daly 
> After a three-month trial, a federal jury brought back 82 verdicts,
> Ippolito, 72, and his daughter, Susan Mokdad, 41, as well as four others, of
> most charges. A seventh defendant was found guilty on all counts. 
> Richard ``Toby'' Brown, who represented himself, was acquitted. 
> No sentencing date was scheduled. 
> The common law court held itself out as superior to established federal and
> state courts. Ippolito was its supreme justice. 
> The pseudo-court gave itself the authority to arrest, jail, prosecute,
> and punish any government officials who tried to enforce ``inferior''
>federal or
> state law on followers. 
> According to the defendants, the penalty for treason was death. 
>08/13/1997 23:08 EST 
> County Supervisor Shot 
> Associated Press Writer 
> PHOENIX (AP) -- A county supervisor was shot and wounded
> Wednesday by a man who said he was angry over her support of a baseball
> stadium tax. 
> Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox was shot outside the
> auditorium where the five-member governing board had just met. She was
> hospitalized in fair condition with a gunshot wound to her pelvis. 
> The gunman told reporters after his arrest that he shot Wilcox because she
> supported a sales tax to help pay for the Arizona Diamondbacks' ballpark,
> now being built in downtown Phoenix. 
> ``I shot Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox to try to put a stop to the political
> dictatorship of (Diamondbacks co-owner) Jerry Colangelo, the Maricopa
> County board of supervisors and the Arizona state Legislature,'' the suspect
> said in a disjointed statement. 
> Sheriff Joseph Arpaio said his office tentatively identified the gunman from
> fingerprints as Larry Naman, 49, but that he also went by the last name
> Trayman. He will be charged with attempted murder, Arpaio said. 
> The suspect was allowed to read his statement at a Maricopa County jail; he
> wouldn't answer any questions from reporters. 
> Scott Celley, spokesman for the supervisors, said the suspect attended the
> public meeting, sitting in the audience but saying nothing to the board or
> people around him. 
> Celley and sheriff's officials said a security guard approached the gunman
> after he saw him hurrying after Wilcox with a paper bag in his hand. As he
> began to point the bag at Wilcox, the guard rushed him and the gun in the
> bag went off, the sheriff said. 
> ``He wanted to shoot her and he did,'' Arpaio said. 
> Wilcox, 46, is a Democrat serving her fifth year on the Board of
> She previously served nine years on the Phoenix City Council and has been
> an often controversial advocate of Phoenix's Hispanic community. 
> She was among supervisors widely criticized in 1994 for voting in favor
for a
> sales tax for the stadium. The major league team's first season is scheduled
> for next year. 
> ``Mary Rose has received death threats in the past, although we've never
> taken them seriously,'' said her husband, Earl Wilcox. ``The positions that
> she holds and the decisions that she makes are sometimes unpopular.'' 
>J.J. Johnson
>500 N. Rainbow Blvd.
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>Las Vegas, Nevada  89107
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