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Subject: SLS: ruminations to Frank

When I started down this road of dismantling
the IRS, I thought then it would be a ten-year
project.  This is now year 7, and I think we
are right on schedule.  I am expecting them
to be history, right around the turn of the
century, assuming the NWO can be delayed and
eventually dismantled also, forever.

The thing for which I am most grateful to you,
is the powerful Christian faith which you were
willing to share with me.  I shall never, ever
forget the magnificent icons which were designed
and built into your Greek Orthodox church.

I remember looking up, to see Christ looking into
my own eyes with disappointment, as if I had really
let him down.  I prayed for many months with no
answer, in the same condition Saul of Tarsus must
have been, after being thrown off his horse.   Only
thing was, his term face-down in the mud lasted
only 3 days;  mine lasted 18 months!!  He emerged
as Paul the Apostle, and I have emerged as Paul 
Mitchell, Counselor at Law.  It has been quite a
beautiful transformation, and I must give credit
where it is due -- to the Most High, in all ways.

Here in Tucson, we have a cathedral downtown which
has, instead of the standard crucifix, a huge risen
Christ, larger than life, mounted on the wall behind
the altar.  He is muscular and a perfect man in many
ways.  The brilliant white garments shimmer in the
dim light, and the whole sculpture is mounted away
from the wall, in relief.  I just happened to be
downtown that day, to leave papers with the chief
of police, and as I walked back towards my car, 
here was this cathedral, which I had never noticed;
I walked in, and a noon time Mass was underway.
It was nice to get out of the heat of the Arizona

Because I have not been the evangelist I had hoped
to be in my own personal life, I have found that 
the Internet is a great way to spread the Word;
I do it, by sprinkling the Gospel into my legal 
writing, using vernacular English to explain what 
I learned in three other languages, when I was in
the seminary.  I tell people, for example, that
Christ was tortured and murdered by Roman Civil Law,
and that the same thing is happening again today,
to Christian Americans.  I also tell him that the
Lord would never have ordered us out of Babylon,
without also giving us the wherewithal to do so.

I see how true this has been in my own life;  during
my deepest depression, I saw no way out, until I 
began to trust in the Most High, and then see the results 
of that trust, albeit not immediate.  I had to learn
that my prayers were rarely going to be answered
immediately;  that was MY BIG LESSON.  :)

These words have reached into the hearts of many
people, judging from the many positive responses
which I get from the Internet;  I also get many
ugly and vicious attacks, on my faith, and on my
knowledge of the law of freedom.  But, the One and
Only Solace is to remember that these would be sure 
signs for rejoicing!  Halleluia!!  We are now agents 
of the Most High, and our mission is to establish
justice and to announce the start of its eternal reign.  

When we speak the Truth, the words carry
an almost magical power, all by themselves.

I learned this from you, Frank.  It is a lesson
I will never forget.

When I try to summarize Christianity for people,
I tell them about Mary Magdalene, the prostitute --
how Christ transformed her, moments before her
death, changed in an instant into pure life.  Then,
in her deepest despair, she is complaining to
the gardener, and He again transforms her dark despair,
in a quantum leap, into boundless joy, with "Mary!"

That's the message:  personal transformation, 
via a power which surrounds us with mutual support,
at every possible moment.  We need only ask, and
the Word is, we SHALL receive.  It is so immensely
simple, on one level.  A monarch butterfly came to me 
last Spring, and instead of moving out of my path, it
stopped me in my tracks, and proceeded to fly in
tight ovals, at high speed.  It was obviously
a sign of some kind.  I reached out, and the butterfly
flew closer, in ever tighter circles.  His message
was this:

  "You are now on the right track, at last.
  "We are free, and you will soon be free too.
  "I am an angel of the Most High, sent to 
   give you this message, quietly, effectively.
  "We know you are finally listening, at long last.
  "Welcome to grace, and beauty, and love.  Amen."

Then, he flew in a perfect figure-eight and 
up into the tree next to me, where the morning
chrous of birds were just cranking up the volume
of their many voices, all singing together.

Bye for now.  Love to Joanne and our mutual friends
in Sacramento.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
B.A., Political Science, UCLA;  M.S., Public Administration, U.C. Irvine

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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