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Subject: SLS: SSA-521 Request for Withdrawal of Application

You don't need a form to rescind a fraudulent
SS-5 application.  The proper knowledge, and
a letter or two to the appropriate government
offices, will do just nicely.  For example
Appendix F in "The Federal Zone" has an extremely
thorough affidavit which covers lots of ground.

Be sure the form has a valid OMB control number
and expiration date, or Congress wants you to
enforce the Paperwork Reduction Act -- by throwing
such a "bootleg form" into the trash can!

Any information collection form is a bootleg request,
if it fails to exhibit a valid OMB control number
AND expiration date in the upper right-hand corner
of the first page.   

Simple enough?

Yes!!  Congress enlisted the entire Population
to assist them with enforcement of the law,
and this is how they did it.

If you are motivated enough, take a trip down to
your local county law library, and ask the 
librarian to show you how to look up Acts of
Congress by their names, as opposed to their
title and section numbers.  

You want to read the "Paperwork Reduction Act" [sic].
Keep reading until you find the public protection

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 03:21 AM 9/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Just got a call back from my 
>congresscriter's office, SSA is 
>supposedly sending me a copy
>of this secretive form.  Will
>keep you informed.
>Jim Bullock
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