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Subject: SLS: Three letters (fwd)

>Subject: Three letters
>Three letters attached from an "insider" at the DoJ to me.
>I thought you'd be interested, especially in the last one.
>From: Deleted
>To: msmith01@flash.net
>Subject: Justice Dept Provocations
>Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 05:56:33 PDT
>Hey Mark, I work at the Justice Dept.
>You want to know why the Govt is trying to start something that you are 
>desperately trying to stop?  Short answer, look at the history of the 
>Reichstag fire.  Hitler used it effectively to destroy his opposition.  
>It has worked well for Bill Clinton so far.  Why do you think Militias 
>get such bad press, and why do you think that they are frightened?  The 
>militias have been effectively neutered, and are valuable as a tool for 
>Government usurpation of God given rights.
>Look up the definition of a state sponsered terrorist group and figure 
>out how many Federal organizations fit the definition.
>I have a little theory, it goes like this:  Almost everyday you read or 
>hear about something that causes you to say, "that's impossible, can't 
>happen here, or who  would have believed that things could have gone 
>this far."  What this means is that things are already worse than you 
>can imagine, you just don't know about it yet.
>Good luck trying to motivate, or waken people.  We are gladly forging 
>our own chains.
>A Friend Inside.  DTTNWO
>From: Deleted	
>To: msmith01@flash.net
>Subject: Provocations
>Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 07:32:31 PDT
>Great to hear from you.
>You are right about the hazards of the position and my views, so I tend 
>to change names and locations at odd intervals.  You will still know my 
>work though.
>As to why the Justice Dept provocations, as I suggested you should read 
>about the Reichstag fire and its aftermath.
>The radical left groups of the seventies were used in the same manner as 
>the Militias are being used now. Government used the spectre of 
>revolution, where none ever existed, to take away citizens rights, and 
>expand its power.  It was done for the good of the country, and to keep 
>us safe (isn't that right?).  People can be persuaded to trade freedom 
>for safety.  This time there will be no Church Commission to set things 
>I agree with all in the vampire Paper you sent me but fear nothing can 
>be done to wake the people up in time.  Insiders in the Gov understand 
>that it is now a race to get enough technology into place so that any 
>change becomes impossible.  You will need to get PGP before I can say 
>too much about things.
>I teach and write about these things, but those who are aware are in no 
>position to change things yet.
>Sorry that this is somewhat disjointed but I'm just writing things down 
>as they come to me.
>The Gov knows that there is trouble out there.  Last week all went on 
>alert because of Ruby Ridge news.  If they can just keep people asleep 
>for a while longer technology will protect them, see 1984.
>The biggest trouble spot now is Gadsden AL.  More potential for a 
>shooting war to erupt there than anywhere else.  Uncle knows this, tried 
>to walk away from the problem but ACLU wouldn't let him.  If Judge 
>stands firm and ask for help could get out of hand very quickly with 
>national backing. Thats why the low profile as much as possible. Can 
>discuss further if you feel like listening but you probably already see 
>Corruption starts at the top.  Pentagon now so completely neutered that 
>any thing out of it is tainted.  Clinton has all oposition removed, only 
>lickspittle lackeys left in charge.  I also have sources inside.
>You are also correct that most people in Gov aren't aware.  Continue to 
>do a good job and feel patriotic.  Will be necessary for them to make a 
>choice one day.  Many will opt for security, but remember, change is not 
>made by the masses.
>Clinton gang has corrupted top levels of Gov.  Every branch and section 
>that you can name, I see it in reports almost every day.
>Can't say much but, I've been involved in this "counterterrorism" 
>business for many, many years.  I hesitate to use the term now.  Applies 
>to more Gov agencies world wide than any others. 
>By the way, you are aware that NSA monitors all internet traffic by the 
>use of Key Words aren't you?  You should get PGP for personal messages.
>In the belly of the beast.  DTTNWO.
>From: Deleted
>To: msmith01@flash.net
>Subject: Thanks
>Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 06:11:15 PDT
>     Thanks for the Web Page.  I've got it bookmarked now.
>     Had a chance to read the paper that you sent.  It was good, and I 
>have made copies for some friends who are in the MD, and VA Guard.  It 
>drives D.C. Orgs nuts that they are infiltrated and have difficulty 
>planning anything secure.  They have ample evidence that plants work 
>both ways.  The difference is that most of theirs are paid to sell out 
>their people, while ours do it for love of liberty.
>     Observation at the Jefferson Memorial:  One of his most famous 
>sayings is missing from the wall, "A little revolution now and again is 
>a good thing."  I wonder why they left that off?
>     Had a conversation with Walter Williams (sure you know  he is Black 
>Commentator, and Economist at George Mason Univ.), anyway, after 
>discussion of Militias, why they came into being, where they are going, 
>and general comments on the country's direction, I asked what he saw in 
>the future.  He said that in reality he saw no way out except armed 
>confrontation.  Pretty strong stuff, and he said it on the air (WBAL 
>Baltimore station).  Don't be surprised, most of the people in this 
>business, and the terrorism think tanks are predicting the same thing.  
>     As I said, the race is on for technology and weapons superiority. 
>Why do you think they are arming police with tanks, helos, auto weapons, 
>and training like military special forces?  Your police org can make a 
>significant difference.  It is important to let the Gov know that all 
>troops are not blindly loyal.  Soviets overcame this by having Army and 
>Police serve in areas other than their homeland.  Clinton will have the 
>same problem if he tries to nationalize Alabama Guard to shoot their 
>neighbors in Gadsden.  Gadsden could also bring out people who to this 
>point have had no part in the movement.  There the issue is not only 
>constitutional, but religious as well, a very explosive combination.  
>There is no community wedge there, no black white issues to exploit, as 
>both communities support the Judge.  
>  As to Militias, Gov has discounted the threat (could be a huge mistake 
>in Gadsden).  The real threat is what I call the Ideologically Pure 
>Warrior.  He isn't a joiner, no militia connections, probably ex or 
>current military, or police, well trained.  If he decides that the 
>Government is no longer legitimate, and decides to do something about 
>it, (plenty of legal ground to stand on here in the Declaration) there 
>will be no warning, no group to infiltrate, no phone to tap.
>He will just do it.  Several hundred, unconnected except for belief in 
>their cause could do major damage to the Gov.  This is where the real 
>danger lies, Federal Law Enforcement has known, and discussed this for 
>years.  The militias are red herrings to drag across the trail.  Anti 
>terrorist measures put in place to "combat the threat" will do nothing 
>to stop the Warrior, but can be used to monitor the people.
>     Gotta go now, can continue later if you wish.  I probably need to 
>change sites and name soon.  You will know when I do.  Comments welcome.
>     A friend inside, DTTNWO.

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