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Subject: SLS: TRAC website

>Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 19:09:27 -0700
>From: butchaz@juno.com (Alfred R Martin)
>It seems like a different long-distance telephone company calls me each
>week.  One asks me to switch.  When I do, the old company calls, asking
>me to come back.
>Each offers special rates it swears will save me money.  It's baffling. 
>But the Telecommunications Research and Action Center (TRAC) Web site
>helps make sense of it all.
>TRAC is a nonprofit organization that monitors phone companies, making
>sure they don't confuse, cheat or badger consumers.  Its Web site:
>          http://www.trac.org
>helps you compare long-distance rates from five major companies.  It
>explains the different plans and outlines the true costs based on the
>time of day you call and where you're calling.  All you have to do is
>enter the phone numbers you call and wait for the site to compute the
>rates.  The service is FREE.
>The next time a long-distance telephone company representative calls,
>take notes.  Then check his or her story with TRAC
>Doug Forand
>Washington, D.C.

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