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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Citizen's Arrest

I encourage this critic to do the following:

1.  read the Arizona Revised Statutes which authorize
    Citizen's Arrest

2.  contact Phoenix Security International and ask to
    speak with the Division Commander

3.  discuss the proper and lawful procedures for 
    Citizen's Arrest with the Division Commander

He has executed this procedure many times.

Thank you.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>Subject:  SLS: Citizen's Arrest
>That post was wall-to-wall bullshit, if you will pardon the expression,
>brought to you by the enemies of every thinking person, and most assuredly
>not any friend of the Native American.
>Run, not walk, away from this pmitch/SupremeCourt stuff.
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>Thank you for listening.

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