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>Thank you your excellent response to Karen Schmidt.
>Harold Thomas
>> Date:          Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:28:57 -0400
>> Dear Karen Schmidt,
>> Your article on "Paper Terrorism" was recently posted on the internet
>> and I read this with complete fascination.  Surely you can't be THAT
>> clueless in regards to why there is a "noticeable increase in the
>> number of people across the country who have joined and continue to
>> participate in the anti-government movement."  
>> You state that you believe that "seminars and recruitment meetings"
>> fuel the trends in the anti-government movement.  In your article
>> you seem AMAZED that people view themselves as "systematically
>> oppressed by an illegal, totalitarian government" and also AMAZED
>> that people "believe the time for traditional political reform has
>> passed."
>> Actually, the anti-government movement is not a movement against 
>> government, but a movement back to the Constitution of the United States
>> and the laws of the land.  If you had done any real research behind
>> your statements, you would have found this to be fact.
>> I think from this point on, I will refer to this movement as the
>> Constitutionalist movement.  I consider myself to be a Constitutional
>> conservative.  You are right about the fact that Biblical passages are
>> often used in our discussions.  This is because the Constitutional
>> movement is based on Biblical principles.  These principles are at
>> the very foundation of our core beliefs.
>> For instance, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill
>> of Rights, state that these rights are "God given" rights.  These are
>> not "permissions" of our government.  These are rights given to us
>> by our God, and the government cannot infringe on these rights.
>> When the Constitutionalist movement state that it opposes the UN 
>> movement, this is because the Charter of the UN lists basically the 
>> same rights, but proclaims the rights are given by "permission" from 
>> the governing body (not God).  For instance, if you consider the 
>> International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 18, 
>> 3rd paragraph, it states:
>> 	"Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs
>> 	may be subject only to such limitations as are
>> 	prescribed by law and are necessary to protect
>> 	public safety, order, health, or morals or the
>> 	fundamental rights and freedoms of others."
>> So, it states that the freedom of religion is subject to limitations
>> prescribed by law to protect "morals".  Morals?  Huh?  Our Constitution 
>> states that the freedom of religion is a God given right.  Not a right 
>> given by "permission" of the governing body.
>> Now turn to Article 19, paragraph 2.  This article states,
>> 	"Everyone shall have the right to freedom of
>> 	expression; this right shall include freedom to
>> 	seek, receive and impart information and ideas
>> 	of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either
>> 	orally, in writing or in print...."
>> But then later states:
>> 	"...these shall only be such as are provided
>> 	by law..."
>> Our Constitution states that we shall have the right of freedom
>> of speech, freedom of press, etc., and these freedoms are given
>> by God, not "permissions" given by a governing body.
>> Belief in God, and the fact that our rights are God given is at the
>> core of the Constitutionalist movement.  
>> On other note, is it any wonder that the Constitutionalist movement
>> believes our government is an oppressive, illegal, totalitarian regime?  
>> I will provide you with some examples which can be backed up by fact
>> should you take the time to research these events.  Please take the
>> time to research these to verify for yourself their validity.  It would
>> be quite an eye-opener for you.
>> A current example of an oppressive government even can be found at:
>> http://www.qui-tam.com
>> This is a story of a family who have experienced and are still
>> experiencing much oppression at the hands of our government.  A short
>> summary of their story goes like this:  
>> The Sweeneys inherited a rather large piece of property from their
>> relatives, and their family has been generally wealthy for many
>> generations.  The Sweeneys, though, were not generally wealthy
>> and have to provide for themselves by actually working like "normal"
>> people.  They had a lot of bills accumulated, and decided that in 
>> order to pay off these bills, it would be good to sell off some of 
>> this land after placing some large, rather expensive homes on them.  
>> They went to a bank called ComFed and explained their indebtedness 
>> and showed them their plan to subdivide their property, build houses 
>> on it, then sell the property and homes, then pay off their bills 
>> and the loan they were presently seeking.
>> Comfed basically agreed that this was a good plan, gave the Sweeneys
>> a loan, and made them sign an agreement that the Sweeneys would not try
>> to get a construction loan from any other bank (huge penalties if they
>> did).  The Sweeneys then got the re-zoning done and subdivided the
>> property.  They then came back to ComFed to request their construction
>> loan to begin building the homes.  ComFed then refused to give them a
>> construction loan.  The Sweeneys could not get a construction loan
>> anywhere
>> else, as they had already accumulated the previous bills and the present
>> subdividing loan to pay off, on top of the penalty of getting a
>> construc-
>> tion loan somewhere else.  Basically, ComFed set them up for failure in
>> order to acquire their property.  
>> The Sweeneys took ComFed to court and Judge Izzo saw many irregularities
>> regarding the way that ComFed did business, and in particular how they
>> handled the Sweeney situation and awarded the Sweeneys approx $4 million
>> for fraudulent practices by ComFed.  See the court documents on the
>> web page above and read the reasoning of Judge Izzo why she made the
>> judgment for the Sweeneys and against ComFed.  The Sweeneys still had
>> to pay back the $1.6 million of the original loan amount (I believe with
>> interest), as this is only fair.  So, basically ComFed owed the Sweeneys
>> ~$4 M - $1.6 M = $2.4 Million.  
>> Then ComFed went bankrupt (I assume so they would not have to pay the
>> Sweeneys the $2.4 Million), never paying the Sweeneys their judgment.
>> The FDIC/RTC took receivership of the failed ComFed bank.  The FDIC
>> now basically says the judgment by Judge Izzo is obsolete, and that 
>> the Sweeneys owe them $1.6 million dollars.  The FDIC asserts that
>> the judgment rendered by Judge Izzo was too late, in that the FDIC
>> acquired this "receivership" before the judgement and renders it totally
>> obsolete.  This is not true, as the judgement came before the RTC/FDIC
>> took over.  Also, what's really interesting is that ComFed really didn't
>> go bankrupt!!!  From what I understand, ComFed Mortgage is still alive
>> and well, and the judgment by Judge Izzo was toward ComFed Bank and
>> ComFed Mortgage.  See the web page for all the details.  It goes on and 
>> on and on.
>> Well, the Sweeneys have appealed to their Senators, Congressmen, etc.,
>> but to no avail.  They have appealed to the FDIC/RTC to look into the
>> judgment by Judge Izzo.  They refuse to believe Judge Izzo's ruling,
>> probably because this would be a huge land grab for the FDIC/RTC, and
>> they could sell this off at a huge profit to them, especially if they
>> take the time to build homes on the property.  They would stand to make
>> a killing!  They have supposedly agreed to a mediator to settle this 
>> dispute, but the FDIC has post-poned this meeting three times.  Could
>> it be they are attempting to bribe the mediator?  Could it be they are
>> desperately searching for a loophole?  Whatever the case, I'm sure it
>> is not in the Sweeney's best interest to prolong this.  Years go by.
>> They're (the Sweeneys are) trying resolve things peacefully, but the 
>> FDIC has called upon the US Marshalls to evict them.  The Sweeneys are 
>> afraid to leave their home.  
>> Any wonder why people don't want to seek traditional means to settle
>> their disputes?  No quick justice.  Sometimes no justice at all...
>> Another example of an oppressive totalitarian government is the Ruby
>> Ridge example.  Randy Weaver's son and a friend are walking along a
>> path by their house with their dog.  The US Marshall fires and kills
>> the dog.  They are in camoflage and hidden, and the boys do not know
>> who is firing, does not know who killed their dog.  They fire and turn
>> to run home.  Randy's son gets shot in the back and in the arm,
>> instantly
>> killing him.  The other boy, Kevin Harris, turns and fires again and
>> continues to run back to safety within the cabin.  When running into
>> the cabin, the government sniper fires at him and hits Randy's wife
>> dead on.  She dies holding her baby in her arms.  All this over a sawed
>> off shotgun!  All this over a missed court hearing--in which case they
>> sent out the wrong date on the subpeona!  Isn't this just a little bit
>> oppressive?  Did any government official get fired/prosecuted over
>> the deaths of Randy's wife and son?  Did Randy's wife and son commit
>> the crime?  Did the level of force fit the crime?  Give me a break!
>> Yes, I know, Lon Horiuchi is being tried for "manslaughter" in Idaho
>> (because our federal government didn't think he did anything wrong).
>> Kevin Harris faced a federal trial for murder and was acquitted, but
>> now is going to be prosecuted again in Idaho for the same crime (isn't
>> this double jeopardy?).  
>> Another example of an oppressive, totalitarian example is the crime at
>> Waco.  Our government basically killed over 80 innocent men, women, and
>> children.  Our government thought Koresh had illegal weapons.  Why not
>> approach Koresh at the door and give him the search warrant?  He had
>> been investigated before and had cooperated peacefully.  He had no
>> history of violence.  From what I have been able to find out, there
>> was a person who was involved with the church who was a gun collector.
>> Gun collectors are legally able to have illegal weapons as long as they
>> pay the $200 tax.  From what I have been able to gather, the tax was
>> not paid and this is why the BATF came upon them.  Why did the search
>> warrant state that they believed an amphetamine lab was located on the
>> property when they had sent in an informant and he knew that was not
>> the case?  Because they wanted to violate the Posse Comitatus Act 
>> (US Code Title 18, Section 1385) and use military weapons against the 
>> Branch Davidians.  Our government said that no weapons were fired down 
>> from the helicopters--NOT TRUE.  Our government said that the Branch 
>> Davidians fired first--NOT TRUE--the federal agents again shot the dogs 
>> first.  Our government said that CS gas is not flammable--NOT TRUE (A
>> note in the Manual for Civil Disturbance Operations, Army Institute
>> for Professional Development states, "Do not fire a dispenser indoors
>> when using dry riot control agents (CS gas).  Open flame or a spark
>> can cause a dust explosion."  Since the power was turned off at Mt.
>> Carmel, they knew they were using lanterns.  There is more and more
>> and more to this episode, but you would have to do your own research
>> to find out the amazing truth!  This is most assuredly an example
>> of our government at its worst!
>> Other items to indicate our government's oppressive, totalitarian
>> characteristics is the fact that it passed the Electronic Communications
>> Act, which basically states the FBI can monitor communications if they
>> believe a circumstance is an emergency situation.  No where does it 
>> state that the FBI has to PROVE there is an emergency.  They can monitor 
>> for 48 hours without a warrant, disregarding the Constitution of the 
>> United States and various state Constitutions which require a warrant 
>> first (probable cause).  Since no one will know when they begin the 
>> monitoring, how will they know that the agents monitored for only 48 
>> hours?  Why couldn't they start and stop over and over again (if 
>> necessary) to keep monitoring longer?  This is totally against the 
>> 4th Amendment.
>> 	Note:  This is totally against the Pennsylvania Constitution
>> 	also, as our Constitution states that a warrant is required
>> 	before any search and seizure can take place.  I wrote our
>> 	Attorney General and asked if he would prosecute should he
>> 	find the FBI (or anyone else for that matter) wiretapping
>> 	without a warrant.  Their response to me was that they
>> 	could not give out legal opinions.  Right!  :\
>> I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here as this is probably
>> boring you to death!  Basically what the American people are beginning
>> to see is that our government is completely unaccountable to anyone
>> for their acts against our Constitution and other laws such as:  
>> 	1.  Illegally seizing assets and property, i.e., FDIC against
>> 	    the Sweeneys, probably some IRS examples too.
>> 	2.  Illegally serving search warrants.  Warrants don't exist,
>> 	    are signed by judges outside of the jurisdiction, warrants
>> 	    aren't signed at all, warrants based on facts they know to
>> 	    be untrue, i.e., Waco.
>> 	3.  Illegal wiretapping without a warrant.
>> 	4.  Committing heinous crimes without accountability, i.e.,
>> 	    killing Branch Davidians, killing Randy Weaver's wife and
>> 	    son.
>> 	5.  Breaking the law if it serves their purpose, i.e., campaign
>> 	    finance solicitation on government property, selling the
>> 	    Lincoln bedroom and arranging appointments with the President
>> 	    for a price.  Soliciting funds from foreign governments.
>> 	    Obstruction of justice in not allowing the Parks Police 
>> 	    into Vince Foster's office after his suicide/murder.  Possible
>> 	    Whitewater involvement, since basically all their friends
>> 	    and acquaintances surrounding this deal have been convicted
>> 	    of crimes.  
>> 	6.  Using government agencies for their own political goals, i.e.,
>> 	    IRS investigating Paul Jones and the FBI files to find out
>> 	    dirt regarding the opposition.
>> I probably have missed some things, but if you total it all up it
>> stinks, and the American public is becoming aware of it in spite of
>> our mainstream media dancing around these crimes as if they are
>> "nothing".  
>> Our justice system is based on if you commit the crime, you do the time.
>> are untrue.  
>> We've had Whitewater hearings, hearings over Vince Foster, Campaign
>> Finance hearings, Waco hearings, Ruby Ridge hearings, FBI file hearings,
>> etc., etc.  Is it no wonder that the American public are starting to
>> think that the time for the standard approach, the "traditional
>> political 
>> reform" has passed, since it doesn't matter who is in office?  The same
>> shenanigans continue.
>> Next time, before you write an article, try to understand what/whom you
>> are writing about.  A little research would do you good.
>> Best regards,
>> --Kim Martin

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