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>                         JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF
>                              FIREARMS OWNERSHIP
>    [IMAGE] Click HERE for The Members Forum
>    [IMAGE] Click HERE for The Firearms Sentinel
>   [IMAGE] The Official Publication of The Lawyer's Second Amendment
>   Society
>        Content  by Steven A. Silver
>   [IMAGE]     [IMAGE]   These pages are currently under contruction and
>   will be updated shortly by the new LSAS Information Technology (IT)
>   Liaison , Wayne B. Ericksen, P.E.  Please check back soon! Lots of new
>   articles are coming.     [IMAGE] The "Pre-Oath of Office" [IMAGE]
>   Bravehearts by John Harris [IMAGE] A solution to Judicial Tyranny
>   [IMAGE] Self Defense and Other 2ND Amendment Rights [IMAGE] Momorandum
>   on Arms and Freedom  [IMAGE] Update: Hickman Petitions the Supreme
>   Court [IMAGE] 'Hickman' Before the Supreme Court [IMAGE] No
>   Compromise by Ed Monk [IMAGE] Another Case Goes to the Ninth Circuit 
>   [IMAGE] Second Amendment: A 'State's' Right?  [IMAGE] LSAS Provides a
>   Quote to Remember [IMAGE] Read Back-Issue Articles from The Liberty
>   Pole [IMAGE] Time to Renew Your LSAS Membership Hot! 
>Subject: http://www.judicialwatch.org
>   Judicial Watch, P.O. Box 44444, Washington, DC 20026. Tel: (888)
>   JWETHIC, Fax: (202) 646-5199.
>   Contributions are tax-deductible. © 1997, Judicial Watch. All
>   Rights Reserved.
>   020282 hits since August 3, 1997
>     Judicial Watch Overview   JWatch Logo Judicial Watch is Fighting to
>   Uncover Government Corruption and Uphold Justice
>   At the present time, Judicial Watch has fourteen on-going cases to
>   expose government corruption in the Clinton Administration alone. (For
>   the most up-to-date details on all our cases check out Judicial
>   Watch's Press Releases.)  Judicial Watch is also promoting needed
>   legal reform. Some of the cases include:
>   The Filegate Case -- Judicial Watch is representing those citizens
>   whose FBI files were wrongly accessed -- possibly for political
>   espionage purposes -- by Hillary Clinton, Bernard Nussbaum, Anthony
>   Marceca, and Craig Livingstone.
>   Campaign Finance Scandal related cases. Judicial Watch filed Freedom
>   of Information Act requests to uncover the Department of Commerce's
>   practice of selecting companies for trade missions in exchange for
>   donations to the Democratic National Committee. These efforts led to
>   the only sworn testimony of notorious fundraiser, Clinton friend, and
>   possible Chinese agent John Huang. Judicial Watch's efforts uncovered
>   the campaign finance scandal. Judicial Watch remains active in
>   uncovering illegal fundraising activities of the Clinton
>   Administration, and has asked the court for permission to redepose
>   John Huang.
>   Paula Jones -- Judicial Watch has brought a class action derivative
>   suit on behalf of the policyholders of State Farm Insurance Company
>   against State Farm and its top executives for improperly paying Bill
>   Clinton's legal fees and expenses. Clinton pressured State Farm
>   Insurance to pay his legal expenses in Paula Jones' lawsuit despite
>   the fact that insurance policies do not generally cover intentional
>   conduct of defendants, such as Ms. Jones' alleged sexual harassment
>   and libel related claims.
>   Other Judicial Watch Cases. Judicial Watch is also seeking the truth
>   in other matters, such as why did the Los Angeles Airport Authority
>   pay Webster Hubbell for legal fees when he was under investigation and
>   had resigned from the Department of Justice? Another case involves
>   Judicial Watch's efforts, through the Freedom of Information Act, to
>   get to the bottom of the political motivations behind Attorney General
>   Janet Reno's refusal to appoint an independent counsel to investigate
>   campaign finance related matters, despite overwhelming evidence of the
>   need for such an appointment.  Judicial Watch also has filed a lawsuit
>   to obtain the documents that will explain the Clinton Justice
>   Department's misconduct in three matters ^ Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the
>   Richard Jewell/Olympic bombing cover-ups.   Furthermore, Judicial
>   Watch has filed suit to challenge the implementation of the Family
>   Responsibility Act provisions on abstinence education by the Clinton
>   Administration.  Lastly, Judicial Watch filed three related cases on
>   behalf of Accuracy in the Media to uncover documentation behind the
>   Clinton Administration's investigation into the death of former White
>   House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster.
>     Judicial Watch in the News
>   While Congress is engaged in partisan bickering and cover-ups to
>   protect both political parties, Judicial Watch is proceeding full
>   speed ahead in the courts in its fight for open and honest government.
>   Judicial Watch is also studying ways to reform our legal system to
>   make it more responsive and less expensive for the average citizen.
>   Judicial Watch currently is involved in efforts to bring better judges
>   to the judiciary; judges who are well-trained, accountable, adequately
>   compensated, and not political. Check out our Press Releases and "What
>   They're Saying Section" to keep up with Judicial Watch.
>     How You Can Help
>   Judicial Watch is a volunteer organization made up of lawyers,
>   investigators, and concerned citizens based in Washington, D.C. If you
>   are committed to the cause, you can volunteer to assist Judicial
>   Watch. More importantly, regardless of where you are from you can help
>   Judicial Watch by making a tax-deductible contribution to Judicial
>   Watch, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. It costs Judicial Watch over
>   $10,000 in time and expense to take each deposition, and we estimate
>   that the deposition of Hillary Clinton in the "Filegate" case will
>   cost over $100,000. For more details please check out our donation
>   page or send your tax deductible donation to: Judicial Watch P.O. Box
>   44444 Washington DC, 20026 . Questions/Comments
>   We want to hear from you. Email us at jwatch@erols.com, call us at
>   (888) JWETHIC, fax us at 202-646-5199 or write us a letter to
>   "Judicial Watch, PO Box 44444, Washington DC, 20026."
>   Last Updated 9/29/97 [IMAGE] Judicial Watch, P.O. Box 44444,
>   Washington, DC 20026. Tel: (888) JWETHIC, Fax: (202) 646-5199.
>   Contributions are tax-deductible. © 1997, Judicial Watch. All
>   Rights Reserved.
>Subject: http://www.rutherford.org
>   The Rutherford Institute is an international, nonprofit, legal and
>   educational organization that specializes in the defense of religious
>   liberty and human rights. 
>   We rely solely on the generous financial gifts of individuals like
>   you.
>     _________________________________________________________________
>   * HOW CAN I HELP ?
>    The Rutherford Institute, P.O. Box 7482, Charlottesville, VA 22906
>    Telephone: (804) 978-3888 Fax: (804) 978-1789
>    tristaff@rutherford.org
>     _________________________________________________________________
>   I founded The Rutherford Institute in 1982 to respond to the
>   widespread discrimination and persecution I witnessed against
>   religious persons. Although we have fought thousands of cases and
>   responded to hundreds of thousands of calls for help and information
>   for more than a decade, the need for The Rutherford Institute is even
>   greater today.We are living in an age of religious apartheid--religion
>   has been systematically removed from American public life, and we no
>   longer enjoy true religious freedom. The Rutherford Institute,
>   however, remains committed to fighting for the rights of religious
>   persons in both the United States and abroad. I hope that you too will
>   sense the need to protect religious freedom and choose to support The
>   Rutherford Institute today. John W. Whitehead
>     _________________________________________________________________
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