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Caveat Lector.

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>>From David Myrland:
>If you are looking at a Form 1040, and you are not one mentioned in 26
>USC 31(a) as eligible for credits thereunder, you are looking at the
>wrong form!
>EVERY Form 1040 prescribes that "[Enter your Federal Withholding on this
>line.]" And goes on to instruct "[Enter the amount of tax indicated a
>proper]" and then "[If line X is bigger than line Y, substract line Y
>from line X, and this is the amount of refund.]" Sorry, I have thrown
>away all form I collected when I discovered 26 USC 83 and saw that it
>protects Labor as a cost.
>What you have above is a prescription that "The tax withheld at the
>source on wages shall be allowed as a credit to the recipient of the
>income against the tax imposed by this subtitle." (See 26 USC 31(a))
>Every employee in the country (who files) performs this accounting, but
>only "Officers, employees, or elected officials of the Untied States, a
>State, political subdivision thereof, or any agency or instrumentality of
>any one or more of the foregoing, and employees of certain foreign
>corporations" are eligible. (See 26 CFR 1.31-2(b))
>Every Form 1040 prescribes that one enter Fed. W/holding on the form, and
>One must follow the language and instruction on the form (it's going to
>be signed under penalties of perjury, 26 USC 6065), and
>Because you are not listed as eligible for a credit of your Fed.
>W/holding against your chapter one liability, even if your liability is
>ZERO, you can't file the form without committing a crime! (claiming a
>credit for which you are ineligible)(See 18 USC 1001)
>Now, unless you are a government employee, as defined in 26 CFR
>1.31-2(b), you are looking at the wrong form when viewing any Form 1040.
>This is briefed, explained, and in three years of litigating it, it
>remains undenied by the IRS, in over 10 cases I've written. 
>Find below, ONLY my catalog of materials and introduction to Citizens
>Litigating Against Abuse of Power (C.L.A.A.P.) which is devoted to
>teaching offensive strategies for use against any public servant that
>takes out his or her pen.
>You wrote:
>>> (The fewest words ever written on the subject relative to income
>>> taxes)
>>> by Willem van Mastrigt
>>> How to volunteer to be a taxpayer
>>> Form 1040. Line 7 INCOME (Wages, Tips, etc.) The instruction is to
>>> enter the amount of wages appearing on Form W-2 or 1099 on this 
>>> But there is another instruction much overlooked. It is the
>>> struction on Line 7 itself. Notice two fields, INCOME and (Wages,
>>> Tips, etc.) It is only dependent on into which field the entry is
>>> made that decides whether one volunteers to be a taxpayer or not.
>>> o volunteer taxpayer status, the entry on Line 7 is made in the
>>> INCOME field, i.e., without parenthesis.
>> I don't get this one. I took a look at a 1996 1040A that is in the 
>>the IRS so gracefully sent me. (sorry, I didn't use it) I didn't see
>>anywhere to make a separate entry for anything on line 7. I also 
>>at some old 1040's and didn't see anything as described either.
>> Am I just looking at the wrong form?
>>Dan Smith
>IF YOU HAVE SEEN MY CATALOG, delete the following.
>-Code Breaker Catalog of Materials-
>from David Myrland
>Available publications and documents:
>Order form follows this catalog. 
>This catalog expires February 1, 1998-send for one if you don’t get yours
>in January.
>*Below, #5 and 6 are new additions to the product line.
>"Our Uncle, Our Problem" is a book about the past three years of
>litigation of certain statutory issues that clearly spell the end of the
>IRS, as argued and briefed by David Myrland for his clients: $30.00
>Can we have your E-Mail address? Send to "T42USC@juno.com"
>We cannot count of U.S. Post, add $3.00 for U.P.S. shipping:
>1. Code Breaker; The Section 83 Equation, a technical legal manual that
>devotes 70 pages to the outline of the operation of 26 USC 83 and the
>axioms of income taxation that support it. This is a full explanation of
>how the Tax Code has always protected the Laborer from taxation when all
>he or she receives is the value of the services performed. $30.00
>2. This Supreme Court brief sets forth the  most protective issues as
>they’ve been going through the judicial process. It comes with a
>photocopy of all relevant provisions with research guide and financial
>statement in lieu of tax returns w/instructions on how the section 83
>deduction is claimed. The IRS has not objected in the Supreme Court. The
>Government waived its right to respond 9/18/96, and three times since;
>3. State Small Claims brief and complaint intended to get answers from
>state revenue departments about section 83 (personal property), or, in
>the alternative, money damages for unlawful detention and conversion of
>such property. Comes with a copy of three cases holding that one cannot
>be forced into association. South Carolina format; $30.00
>4. Challenges to mandatory auto insurance, license tabs, and driver’s
>license based upon constitutional issues. Comes with motion to dismiss
>with brief in support, as well as the appeals package of the same brief
>and objections. Washington State format; $30.00
>5. 4 USC 72 requires that any Federal Office have permission to operate
>outside of D.C., and the Sec. of Treas. (IRS) cannot talk about it. This
>was only issue (A) out of issues A-Q in David Myrland’s  ch.13 bankruptcy
>brief. While avoiding Tax Court’s penalties for raising issues at law,
>David proved that even bankruptcy court is derelict. This brief is the
>biggest nightmare ever filed that uses only the Tax Code for defense
>(Includes Exhibits-100+ pages); $50.00
>6. Government publication: "A Citizen’s Guide on Using the Freedom of
>Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government
>Records."  For government work, this booklet is truly packed with common
>sense request strategies. It includes several examples of how to word a
>request, an appeal, and more; $20.00
>7. "I work for a private employer on government projects, and the Dept.
>of Defense wants to suspend my security clearance for not filing tax
>returns." This brief with exhibits attacks willfulness, filing
>requirements, and the free labor claim; this is a nightmare for an
>administrative D.O.D. judge! $35.00
>8. Transcript from Department of Defense hearing for the revocation of a
>security clearance held by private employee to work on government
>projects; expert witness, David Myrland. $25.00
>9. David Myrland has appeared several times as an expert witness in
>trials involving tax controversies. In deposition for a state failure to
>file trial (Utah), David explained in great detail the § 83 equation (1.5
>hrs.).. Text of deposition is available for $35.00.
>10. Two executive orders outlining the requirements and guidelines for
>protecting classified information in private industry, filed by the
>government (Dept. of Defense) in tribunal to revoke security clearance of
>private worker. $25.00
>Professional opinions:
>11. United States passport applications are issued only to those who are
>willing to supply their Social Security number; you are not required!
>This notarized letter of 7 pages is addressed to you personally and sets
>forth the regulatory requirements for disclosure and how they impose NO
>SUCH DUTY (photo copy of applicable provisions included).. $35.00
>12. Professional opinion explaining the same Social Security issues in
>issue (A) of the Supreme Court brief (#2 above), worded as opinion, this
>signed and personalized letter sets forth the U.S. possession citizenship
>controversy for the person desiring information about the SS tax. $35.00
>Other :
>13. Written workshop for judges detailing how to treat pro se litigants,
>presented by the Honorable Allen Sharp, Gerald B. Cohn, and Dean Ivan E.
>Bodensteiner. Written by judges for judges on the seventh circuit. $25.00
>14. "Filing a Complaint on your Own Behalf" is a booklet available at
>Federal District Court which explains the basics of how to commence your
>case, what paperwork is necessary, and what the deadlines are.$15.00
>15.  "For these nine reasons, my wife and I don’t have to comply with
>that IRS summons." In this 45 page order, Federal District Court Chief
>Judge Voorhees explains away the nonresident alien argument, delegation
>of authority, OMB#, and others. $20.00
>16. Two treaties that actually read better than the Bill of Rights,
>entered into by the U.S. and other countries in the thirties and forties.
>*Use the order form that follows this catalog. To expedite shipping,
>Postal Money Orders are preferred. Please allow three weeks for delivery.
>Because of U.S. Post unreliability, we must now ask for $3.00 for U.P.S.
>Photo copy this form and submit it with your order.
>-Code Breaker Materials Order Form-
>Please find enclosed my personal check or postal money order for $_______
>+ $3.00 shipping as payment for the items circled below:
>     "Our Uncle, Our Problem" is the best Tax Law primer: $30.00
>1. "Code Breaker; The  § 83 Equation": $30.00
>2. Supreme Court brief-8 issues: $35.00
>3. State income tax small claims brief w/case law: $30.00                
>4. Traffic court challenges w/appeal: $30.00
>5. David Myrland’s own tax brief; $50.00
>6. Guide to Using the FOIA/Privacy Act(s); $20.00                        
>         Add $3.00 for U.P.S. shipping
>7. Security clearance brief:: $35.00
>8. Transcript from #7 above: $25.00
>9. Deposition transcript-Utah criminal trial: $35.00
>10. Two executive orders, protect classified info: $25.00                
>        (E-Mail Address; "T42USC@juno.com")
>11. No SS# on passport application: $35.00                               
>12. SS tax does not apply to me: $35.00
>13. Workshop for judges-pro se litigation: $25.00
>14. Filing a complaint on your own behalf : $15.00
>15. Chief Judge’s Order to comply with IRS summons: $20.00
>16. Two international treaties that echo Bill of Rights: $10.00
>*Items 1-4, and 7-9 will be bound with durable covers. Items 1-5, 7, 11
>and 12 
>written by David Myrland-All Rights Reserved.
>Please send all orders payable to:                                      
>My address is:
>Robert Victor, Bender
>c/o 1175 NW Gilman Blvd. Suite # 123
>Issaquah, Washington state 98027
>Without Prejudice
>Citizens Litigating Against Abuse of Power…
>(C.L.A.A.P. c/o1175 NW Gilman Blvd. #123, Issaquah, Washington state
>	…Is proud to announce the forming of its first Chapter in
>Seattle, Washington, and the appointment of its Chairman, Robert Victor,
>Bender. Another Chapter is now forming in Portland, and C.L.A.A.P. is
>very pleased to have Mr. Eugene Dayton, Pringle in charge there!
>	C.L.A.A.P. is devoted to rectifying the everyday abuses of the
>Public by its servants en mass by educating the average Citizen in root
>level concepts and strategies, and providing consultation for the
>formulation and prosecution of civil actions commenced against public
>	C.L.A.A.P. is comprised of People who truly understand and can
>appreciate the growing encroachment that the government(s) poses to our
>Fundamental Liberties, and who are serious about getting involved to help
>the most defenseless Citizens; Joe and Jane Lunchbucket, you and me. The
>tools placed at your disposal when you join are so unique, so simple, and
>so very much an offense (you are the Plaintiff!), that you and your
>fellow community conscious minded Americans will compete for the fastest
>times getting to court against a traffic ticket (by filing a lawsuit).
>	Did you know that in the average traffic stop for no license
>plates, expired tabs, no driver’s license or insurance, there are over
>seven grounds for small claims actions? Did you know that small claims
>awards go as high as $10k in some states? If the police can’t prove the
>Supreme Court wrong about the Right to Travel freely, do you think they
>can answer the questions when you sue them for the answers?
>	This strategy has already fowled up one county policeman’s
>vacation and his wife’s satisfaction gained from dating a government
>employee, and another policeman and his chief turned over the pictures
>they took in a bogus search, and yet another man got his car back from a
>tow company after police impounded it. 
>	On June 23, 1997, the King County Police Department and "Master
>Police Officer" GARY L. ZORNES (as heralded in local press for busting
>drinking teens on grad nite) missed the small claims deadline to define
>the term "Constitutionalist" after having called a C.L.A.A.P. member that
>in paperwork, and after having threatened the Citizen that he’d "…empty
>this can of mace on you if you don’t shut up!" Yeah? Well, Mr. ZORNES,
>now your name is in all CAPS!!!
>	C.L.A.A.P. members will be known by all through window stickers
>that prove membership, civil suits commenced, and confirmed kills in any
>court, including small claims. An approaching law enforcement officer
>will have full notice of your willingness and real ability to at least
>sue in small claims, if you can’t file a cross complaint under your
>traffic ticket; this is offense!
>	C.L.A.A.P. members join by purchasing the Small Claims Video and
>package of actual small claims suits with affidavits, exhibits, and
>complaint containing the legal arguments. Anyone who has studied the
>Right to Travel or who is part of a group of students can immediately
>initiate an offensive program in their own town, county, or State. Upon
>commencement of their first case in small claims, the member gets a
>window sticker that displays their intent to on lookers. Other emblems
>signify successful cases where the Citizen (Justice) prevailed. 
>	C.L.A.A.P. members will have access to Notarized and personalized
>legal opinions pertaining to certain situations that are simply
>unavoidable and which are used most often by the Liberty police to harass
>and to annoy. Supreme Court decisions say that one cannot be penalized if
>they relied upon expert opinion to guide their actions (a reliance and
>defense for traffic stops).
>	C.L.A.A.P. members will have the knowledge to formulate the right
>questions to ask, and which public servant to sue for the answers. This
>approach does not only apply to the Right to Travel! If natural persons
>and individuals were not mentioned in the definition of the term "person"
>for the purposes of property taxes, wouldn’t you sue for an answer? If
>animal control cited you for not licensing your dog, if the school
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