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To: Jonas Squire <js1858@lab3.ca.boeing.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Title 26 Applicablity in Federal territories governed by
  Provisional Govt's (fwd)


Please read Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF 
in the Supreme Law Library ("SLL"), and 
then read our excerpt from Dyett v. Turner
which is now the NINTH NOTICE AND DEMAND
case of USA v. Knudson in SLL.

The Southern states were restored to
full and lawful membership in the Union,
and the proof is in Dyett v. Turner.

You and I could have a very lively debate,
based upon the supposition that the moon 
is composed of green cheese, but I prefer
not to do so.  :)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 12:57 PM 10/3/97 PDT, you wrote:
>Hi Paul-
>As ever, I can not praise you enough for you work.  Now, the meat of my
>Robert Wangrud has a web page 'Direct Simple and Incapable of Being 
>Mis-understood', dealing with the seccesion of the southern states, 
>the consequent dissolvement of the Congress sine die, and the follow-on
>declaration by Lincoln of an emergency, civil war, etc, etc.  Now, if 
>this emergency was never effectively concluded as asserted by Mr. Wangrud,
>AND all states made a state by proclamation of the president or congress
>then are technically NOT states, and that the sitting governments in each of
>those states is technically a provisional government of a federal territory,
>by virtue of the Articles of War issued by Lincoln, THEN - does Title 26 
>apply to inhabitants of those areas (Washington, Idaho, Montana, North
>South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah,
>Nevada and West Virgina)? by virtue of their subjegation to federal law?
>And if Title 26 DOES apply to inhabitants of those areas, then obviously,
>the argument that Title 26 does not apply to sovereign states would not hold
>in those areas, because they were never sovereign states and not admitted
>to the Union per constituional process requirements.
>Just some superious thoughts...
>Keep up the effort.
>/s/ Jonas Squire

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