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Subject: SLF: The Municipal Revenue Code  [corrected]

That's the whole point of Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF.

Have you not read it?

We already got Senator Barbara Boxer to admit,
publicly, that the tax is voluntary.  Lots of
other reasons have already been documented, 
in places like "The Federal Zone."  Even a 
Treasury official admitted, before a Congressional
committee, that the tax is totally voluntary.  
That statement is quoted in the chapter entitled:
"Is it Voluntary?"

Just what more do you need: permission of some judges?
Why would you need their permission first?  What are
you going to do, if they disagree with each other?

I am fascinated by this hesitation I see among
so many Americans;  We wait for a bunch of
provably corrupt judges to make decisions for Us.

This mystifies me, totally!

What am I missing here?

How about this, Mike:  I give you my permission!

Does that change anything for you?  What is it,
exactly, that you need?  Would it help if I were
a Congressman, or Senator?  Would my permission
then carry more weight for you?  If so, how much
more weight?  Is there a difference, for you, in getting
this advice from a Representative, instead of a
Senator?  District Court judge?  Appellate Court
judge?  Supreme Court judge?

I now believe the ONLY way we are going to "stop"
the IRS is to dismantle them.  I have said this
over and over and over.  Maybe if I say it enough
times, people will start to repeat after me.  But,
I don't want parrots for countrymen;  I want 
courageous souls who place a high premium on
freedom, and they can think for themselves.
The rest of our countrymen deserve the IRS,
for the rest of their living days.

The IRS is a hopelessly corrupt extortion racket,
and they richly deserve to be driven into the sea
and buried under the Titanic with all the other
jellyfish of the deep, where they can rust away
forever and a day, in peace. 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:46 AM 10/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 10/4/97 1:53:48 AM, you wrote:
><<>The IRC is a set of municipal laws, which have no apportionment
>>provisions, because the federal zone is exempt from 
>>such provisions, pursuant to Downes v. Bidwell.  Now you
>>know why we have also attacked Downes v. Bidwell:  direct
>>taxes were intended to be spread across the entire nation,
>>on a "per capita" basis.  A graduated, progressive, and
>>non-apportioned tax on compensation is a blatant
>>violation of 1:2:3 and 1:9:4.  It is socialism;  it is
>>the Communist Manifesto.  It is null and void, ab initio,
>>inside the several states.  See the Guarantee Clause for
>>the final, pivotal proof.  If they have any shred of
>>authority for treating the two zones differently, it is
>>there, in the Guarantee Clause and NOT in Downes v.
>>Bidwell.  The latter is  just a stupid, highly
>>controversial 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court;
>>the Guarantee Clause is SUPREME LAW, and you threw
>>the whole debate into its proper perspective by claiming,
>>Rightly, to be a Citizen of Pennsylvania state who was
>>NOT also a federal citizen, by Right of Election.  This
>>means that they cannot touch you with their municipal
>>law(s), any more than Arizona state can touch you with
>>its municipal laws, any more than Pennsylvania state
>>can touch ME with its municipal laws!!!!!!>>
>**So Paul, are you going to get a ruling that "I" can use to stop the IRS
>from making me pay individual income taxes AND collect and send in payroll

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