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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: 'Paper Terrorism' - see the memo (fwd)

>From: Jackie Juntti <idzrus@nwlink.com>
>Subject: 'Paper Terrorism' - see the memo
>To all who stand for FREEDOM,
>Thought I would forward this to a few people in Olympia.  The web page is
>very interesting, especially the writers commentary.  He has scanned the
>'memo' in full and it is displayed for the entire world to see what this
>State thinks of people who believe in 'Citizen Involvement' in government.
>I certainly hope that someone in Olympia will take whatever steps are
>required to reign in this power play by those dictatorial persons connected
>in any way to this 'memo'.  We have big problems within this government and
>the time to clean this element out is NOW!!!  When the act of reading the
>founding documents of this nation (Citizen's Handbook) is considered
>"EXTREMIST" it is concrete evidence of a police state mentality that has
>overcome the minds of too many.  
>I request that a full investigation take place (Grand Jury? or whatever the
>equivalent is) to uncover the roots of this memo and the enclosure that
>came with it.  Is there a violation of separation of powers with Rep. Karen
>Schmidt sending this memo on Washington State Patrol letterhead?  The
>people of Washington and the rest of the nation deserve to know WHAT this
>is about.  Who ordered this, who prepared it, who participated it the
>publication of it, and, what is the expected outcome to be?
>I suggest that all who receive this Email take the time to review the web
>page listed below.  
>>Comments: Authenticated sender is <freedom@pop.hancock.net>
>>From: "Dave Delany's Freedom House"
>>To: "The friends of "Freedom@hancock.net
>>Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 10:04:27 +0000
>>Subject: [jus-dare] The "Paper Terrorism" Article
>>Reply-to: jus-dare@freedom.by.net
>>Priority: normal
>>*Jus Dare*
>>The "Paper Terrorism" Article
>>From: "Harold Thomas" <harold@halcyon.com>
>>Subject: Paper Terrorism
>>[Harold has a scanned copy of the circulating inter-departmental memo 
>>on his page.  - Dave]
>>Would you please go to my Home Page at: 
>>and read the Alert posted just a very short scroll down the page.  
>>The document I'd like to you read is a short 3 pages linked from the 
>>Home page.
>>Unless there is something I'm missing here, this is one of the most 
>>shocking documents I've seen in my days in the patriot/tax movement.
>>Someone please tell me if I'm overreacting here.
>>If anyone would like a better copy of this document than what I have 
>>been able to scan into my computer, I feel so strongly about this 
>>one, that I'd be happy to snailmail an enhanced copy to anyone 
>>who cares to provide a snailmail address --  or fax as time 
>>and funds allow.
>>Harold Thomas
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>I ask each of you this.  Do you stand on Principle or do you stand on
>.... Jackie Juntti 8/97

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