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Subject: SLS: Silver Bond Offering

I am NOT sure, but I am searching for the 
just law.  The transition from debt money
to constitutional money is going to be
complex, and fraught with danger, particularly
from the losers -- the foreign banks.  

The simplest solution will always be the best 
solution.  Confer at "Occam's Razor".

An abrupt end to withholding will surely
drive up prices, as purchasing power jumps
about 30% over the short term.  I predict
that people will go on buying sprees,
with their new "raises".  We wouldn't want
to wipe out the increases in their pay, 
solely because of higher prices.

So, as I was pondering the problem in the 
shower, a crystal clear vision came into
my front view mirror:  

            silver bonds

The bonds will soak up the excess purchasing
power during the transition.

What we need, obviously, is a Treasury Secretary
with the fortitude and the leadership
to pull this off.  The mechanics are quite
simple, really.  The politics will be the
biggest challenge, by far.

If we don't do this, or something like it,
we are doomed financially.  For proof, see
Vieira's transcript "Return to Constitutional

The bond maturity periods will provide the
requisite transition to the new monetary system.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:43 AM 10/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
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> I'll tell you where we may have a WHOLE LOT
> in common.  We are about to accomplish our
> mission to dismantle the Internal Revenue Service,
> but there is one nagging problem that still remains.  
>Why are you so sure you can get justice and they don't pull another fraud on
>us all?

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