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Subject: SLS: hot disk technology (6.4 GB @ 33.6 MB/sec.)


See my comments below:

At 03:33 PM 10/4/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>I really SHOULD pass this by Vieira.
>>The thought was vaguely rumbling around
>>in the back of my brain, but I am glad
>>you brought it to the front stage!
>>Is Edwin still in Virginia?
>I believe he is. I have no reason to believe otherwise.
>>While I am on the subject, we are on a
>>fund-raising project, to raise money
>>to complete the Supreme Law Library.
>>We pay a flat 10% right off the top
>>(no withholding or reporting), to all
>>finders.  Let me know if you can help.
>My own pockets are empty, but I will keep my eyes and ears open for others.
>The problem is that most of the people I know who would be sympathetic have
>already been fleeced.  :-(   But, praise the Lord! We have learned a lot!
>And we have much to be thankful for in spite of it.

The following will give you something
to be VERY thankful for:

[begin message in re: hot disk technology (6.4 GB @ 33.6 MB/sec.)]

Hi Bud et al.,

When did we order that 4.0 GB Western Digital
hard disk?  It wasn't all that long ago, was it?

Then, when I designed this new 586/200, their
high end became 5.1 GB, with twice the transfer
rate (33.3 v. 16.6 MB/sec.)

Now, I just got finished browsing the Egghead
website, and the latest Western Digital drive
is 6.4GB for about $430!!  EEEEOOOOOW!!

See URL:


  click on "hardware" under Products in the left panel
  click on "hard drives" under Data Storage
  scroll down to Western Digital Caviar 6.4GB
  click on that link

This is unbelievable -- that their top end 
would increase in capacity by 50% in 5 months
or less!!

Here is a key design threshold, however.  The new FAT32
jumps to a larger cluster size after 8GB partitions,
so, designers who want to conserve space, will choose
multiple hard disks @ <= 8.0GB.

Did you see the initial specification which I sent
to Digital Equipment Corporation?


This trend is certainly one we can be very happy about.  
It means that the network mass storage throughout
the Noosphere is more than doubling every 12 months, 
if not sooner!!  And, it is getting much faster 
by doubling overall throughput, at each engineering cycle.

I ran a real-time test and this new machine
compared two identical 5MB files in 1.6 seconds,
measured!  That is (10,000,000 x 8) / 1.6 = 50Mbps
(megabits per second) in burst mode.  That is really
moving, yes??

Bring on those Supreme Law pleadings!!!  :::)))

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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