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Subject: SLS: a chilling end-times scenario

... to which I maintain that the Lord Most High
would never have ordered us out of babylon,
without also giving us the wherewithal to do so.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Alan deWalton wrote:
>> >Sure and it's a dilemma that we shall be in when Bosnia escalates, war
>> >flares in the Middle East, and North Korea invades. It may all happen
>> >atabout the same time period, and the Bush--Klinton Gang has reduced
>> our
>> >armed forces to the point at which we are unable to deal with anything
>> >effectively. That may be when a combined nuclear/Biological attack is
>> >launched against the US of A. It will surely be a fine way to
>> >drastically reduce the US Population in accordance with the plans
>> >outlined in "GLOBAL 2000." Funny how it seems to be all planned out for
>> >us. Anyone who survives may gratefully accept the MARK of the BEAST
>> >surveillance chips.
>> >
>> >Col. (Dr) Byron T. Weeks
>> Hi folks;
>> Seems to me that a possible scenario that our Corporate
>> Machievellian Bankster friends have planned for us would be
>> something as follows:
>> Divide the world into two major opposing forces: 1) the Eastern
>> Alliance -- China/Russia/Arabs; and 2) the Western Alliance --
>> Europe/NATO/U.S. Black Ops.  Engineer an economic collapse in
>> the U.S.A. and through behind-the-scenes manipulation of gangs
>> and infiltration inflame massive anarchy in the U.S., especially
>> in major cities.  The Western Alliance invades the East Coast
>> under the pretext of a U.N. 'Peacekeeping' force.  The Eastern
>> Alliance, not wishing for the Western Alliance to have the
>> 'American Pie' all for itself, will invade the West Coast,
>> tempted by the massive anarchy and chaos in America which they
>> feel will be the perfect opportunity.  The Banksters will sit
>> back inside their multi-Trillion dollar underground-bunker-
>> network and watch and laugh as all three sides commence to
>> slaughter each other off and depopulate the earth -- say by two
>> or three billion perhaps.
>> Then from the ashes the Military-Industrialist-Banksters, the
>> Masonic elite, will emerge and offer the "perfect plan".  All
>> one has to do to escape the death, starvation, and hell would
>> be to sell their soul to an electronic dictatorship, take the
>> 'mark' [brand] and follow the leader or leaders of this New
>> World Order like a good little mindless drone.  So for the
>> small price of losing their individuality/freedom, the masses
>> can enjoy all of the material 'benefits' of the one-world
>> government and save their skins [although apparently NOT their
>> souls].
>> Alan
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>You just about have it, Alan, just as the bible prophets say it will be.
>     I have just one problem with this projection, however;  nuclear
>     weapons will be a must for this scenario, and they will be used
>     worldwide.  Will the elitists be able to wait out the radiation
>     dust covering the world?  Those in the know say this stuff hangs
>     around for thousands of years.  It is going to get awfully musty
>     in those ratholes of the elite waiting for the earth to clear it-
>     self of this radiation.  I guess they can amuse themselves while
>     it clears, counting their Federal Reserve Notes.
>					Ray Earnest

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