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Subject: SLS: Reply to "Paper Terrorism" in Washington State (fwd)

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>From: Jackie Juntti <idzrus@nwlink.com>
>Subject: Reply to "Paper Terrorism" in Washington State
>I received this post today and am forwarding it to you to read.  It is
>IMPORTANT to know that these nine have stepped forward to take issue with
>the statements made in the memo on "Paper Terrorism" signed by Rep. Karen
>Schmidt.  I am disheartened that only nine legislators stepped forward.  
>Since I do not know the background of how signatures were obtained I will
>hold my thoughts on the lack of signatures to this letter.  It is possible
>they were not asked.  I do hope that everyone will ask their representative
>and senator WHY their signature is NOT on this letter.  Perhaps a little
>reminder would be helpful to those that did not sign.  Perhaps the missing
>signators could issue another letter condeming the original memo.  
>Also, WHERE is Speaker Clyde Ballard on this most important issue?  His
>stone silence speaks VOLUMES in my opinion.  
>The same holds true for Sen. Dan McDonald, and Dale Foreman.  
>The regular news media has also been oddly silent in reporting this.  Sure
>makes a person wonder exactly WHAT and WHO is behind this "Paper
>Terrorism".  Too much silence for such an issue.
>Jackie Juntti
>It is not who you are... It is WHOSE you are.
>..... the following is the post I received...............
>I just carefully transcribed this letter from a zerox of the original,
>which original was mailed out yesterday, and which copy I received in my
>mailbox today.   On my zerox copy, all nine of the signatures are present
>as signed in person. 
>			Washington State Legislature	
>October 2, 1997
>Rep. Karen Schmidt, Chairman
>Organized Crime Advisory Board
>Washington State Patrol
>POB 42600
>Olympia, WA
>Dear Karen, 
>Thank you for your memorandum of September 17, 1997, warning of the
>you have called "paper terrorism".  There is no question that frivolous
>frivolous lawsuits, counterfeit or baseless commercial paper, fictitious
>courts, tax 
>evasion, etc., and other forms of fraud and deceit, are serious matters
>which should 
>be dealt with firmly.  Whether these activities are appropriately
>"terrorism" is another matter.  We should maintain a sense of perspective
>proportionality.  Although these activities are clearly disruptive and
>costly, they 
>are hardly in the same class of calamity commonly thought of as terrorist
>But we thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we assure you
>that if we 
>become the target of such activities we will bring it promptly to the
>attention of 
>local law enforcement. 
>However, we must tell you that we are deeply troubled that you
>patriots as anti-government extremists.  We find it profoundly offensive
>that you 
>would exploit the crimes and antisocial conduct of a few to besmirch the
>honor of 
>patriots everywhere.  We ourselves are patriots.  We fervently love our
>and openly acknowledge our debt of gratitude to the patriots throughout
>national history who first founded and then defended this grand
>experiment in 
>ordered liberty.  We will not silently consent to the subtle insinuation
>American patriots have become a danger to America.  Today, as ever in the
>American patriots are the guardians of American liberty.  These patriots
>the troopers of the Washington State Patrol, our local law enforcement
>the men and women of our armed forces, our veterans, and all citizens
>who love liberty, revere our constitution, and stand ready to defend them
>all enemies, foreign and domestic.
>Nor will we silently consent to the intimation that speaking Biblical
>identifies the speaker as an "anti-government extremist".  We recognize
>this as an 
>open attack on individuals with deeply held religious convictions. 
>Moreover, this 
>is an attack on our system of law, for the Bible occupies a central
>postion in the 
>system of law that secures our basic liberty, both in the United States,
>and in the 
>State of Washington.  As Christians and citizens of the State of
>Washington and of 
>the United States, we are deeply offended that you would suggest
>In closing, we take note of your statement: "These anti-government
>extremists and 
>supporters are convinced citizens are being systematically oppressed by
>an illegal, 
>totalitarian government."  Accepting as true your claim that these people
>sincerely convinced, we believe that appropriate legislative inquiry
>should be 
>focused on understanding the reasons for this discontent. 
>Sen. Val Stevens		Rep. Bob Sump 		Rep. John
>Sen.Harold Hochstatter	Rep. Tom Mielke		Rep. Jim
>Sen. Joe Zarelli		Rep. Mike Sherstad		Rep.
>Marc Boldt
>cc: 	Sen. Dan McDonald
>	Senate Majority Lead
>	Rep. Clyde Ballard
>	Speaker of the House
>	Members, Washington Legislature
>	Members, Organized Crime Advisory Board
>................ end of forwarded msg...................
>"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression.
>In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly
>unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of
>change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of
>the darkness."
>Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

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