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Subject: SLS: Buck v. U.S.; Case No. 91-2973  (fwd)

>U.S. 5th Circuit Court: "... (the maintenance of a
>functional federal tax system is a sufficiently important governmental
>interest to justify incidental regulation of First Amendment 
>rights)."  Wheewww!!
>If you want to go to the site where this case is posted on the 
>Internet, be sure to read carefully the 7th paragraph in Section III 
>A.  The language is also reproduced below.
>Pitman Buck's argument is best understood by reading his entire book, 
>of course, but you can get some idea of where he's coming from at his 
>site at:  http://www.phoenix.net/~sunlight and his email is 
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>Date:          Sat, 04 Oct 1997 14:56:49 -0700
>From:          "Pitman Buck, Jr." <sunlight@mail.phoenix.net>
>Reply-to:      sunlight@mail.phoenix.net
>To:            harold@halcyon.com
>Subject:       Buck v. U.S.; Case No. 91-2973
>The text of the 5th Cir. Court opinion in my case is accessible on the
>web at http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov:8081/ISYSquery/IRL829A.tmp/1/doc
>under case No. 91-2973.  I got this thriugh "Excite" search engine by
>typing in "Villanova Law School".  I'm going to type (instead of
>copying) the URL so maybe you can just click on it in this message and
>read it at:
>http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov:8081/ISYSquery/IRL829A.tmp/1/doc  I will
>paste from the web the court's parenthetical comment that you expressed
>interest in and it reads as follows:
>The Bucks contend that requiring them to sign the jurat or be subjected
>to a penalty for the failure to do so infringes on their First Amendment
>right to believe that wages are not income, as their signatures on the
>Form 1040 would indicate otherwise. This argument is specious.
>Noncompliance with the tax laws is not protected by the First Amendment.
>Mosher, 775 F.2d at 1295; see also United States v. Lee, 455 U.S. 252,
>260, 102 S.Ct. 1051, 1056, 71 L.Ed.2d 127 (1982) (the maintenance of a
>functional federal tax system is a sufficiently important governmental
>interest to justify incidental regulation of First Amendment rights).
>Of course, my refusal to sign a governmentally prescribed document about
>income that I didn't believe was true was in complete compliance with
>all laws that prohibit lying or committing perjury.  In other words, how
>can I lawfully self-assess income taxes under penalties of perjury when
>I don't believe I owe any?!!!!!!  The answer is I can't, and I haven't
>since 1988; the IRS and the courts simply want to to swear to something
>we don't believe.
>An IRS Problem resolution officer once phoned me and asked why I
>couldn't sign the jurat.  When I told him I couldn't affirm under oath
>something I don't believe, he replied:  "If you'll sign it anyway we
>won't prosecute you for perjury."  It's all in my book. They are a
>dishonest bunch of people and all they want is your money and and will
>resort to hook or crook to get it!  I have absolutely no use for anyone
>who works for the IRS nor in thhe judiciary branch of gov't.

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