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Subject: SLS: health, fluoride, and you  (fwd)
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Dear Clients and Friends,

Meet Greg Alexander, one of the most superb
examples of home schooling I have ever met.
Greg is a master builder, researcher and a 
competent speaker in the areas of alternative 
science and health maintenance.  Please feel free
to contact Greg directly, for any health-related
issues you may have.

It was on Greg's advice that I first began
to experiment with distilled water.  Imagine
a fish aquarium, with a fine mesh screen 
separating the water into two halves.  Women's 
hosiery is a good example of the mesh, only
finer.  Now, imagine pouring a cup of salt
into one side;  within 24 hours, both halves
of the aquarium will show the same concentration
of salt.  By a process of osmosis, the half
without any salt will "draw" salt to it, from the
other half.  This is a process which is well
known to physicists and chemists.

Now, extend this analogy to the cells in your
body.  They are constantly generating waste
products;  it's only natural, like the exhaust
pipe on your car.  Often, these waste products
are not fully eliminated from the cells, but get
entrained instead.  By surrounding cells with
a greater concentration of absolutely pure
water, osmosis will eventually "draw" these
waste products out of the contaminated cells,
and flush them through the body's exhaust pipe.  
The process is most obvious in the intestinal tract, 
where undigested food gets entrained, particularly
in the lower tract.  And, your skin is another
route for elimination of waste as well.

Because this diet can also leech other essential
vitamins and minerals through the same process,
it is important that you supplement your food,
if you change to an all-distilled water diet.

But, I guarantee you, you will feel better, and
better, and better, the longer you remain on this
regime.  And, the best part of all -- IT IS CHEAP!
It is most cost-effective to buy it in 5-gallon
bottles, and dispense with a standard pedestal 
dispenser (keep pitchers filled and in your refrigerator).

I'll tell you:  there is nothing like the rush of
drinking pure water at near freezing temperatures.  
It cools and refreshes, and best of all, rejuvenates 
the body like nothing else.

Try it!  You'll love it!!

Many thanks to my friend and colleague, Greg Alexander,
for this immensely profound insight.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Greg Alexander

>From: "Greg Alexander" <grega@microweb.com>
>To: "Paul Mitchell" [address in tool bar]
>Subject: health, fluoride, and you
>Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 21:59:30 -0700
>Greetings from Marin, we are gearing up for a major battle over the
>fluoride issue.  The science board at the E.P.A. Washington, D.C.
>recommended an immediate ban [!] on fluoride in the public water supplies. 
>However, the CA legislature and Petre Wilson have passed a bill to MANDATE
>fluoridation of CA. Some one has got to give here.  The media is giving 0.0
>attention to the issue because they are owned by the slavemasters that
>prefer that the people be prozaced into submission.  I advocate the "sue
>the bastards" strategy.  It is a crime to place a known poison into the
>public water supply.  The dentists and orthodontists love it, but the
>parents have to pay, pay, pay.
>To keep your teeth and body in good shape distilled water is the best.  
>You need to add trace minerals, at the rate of one drom per cup of liquid
>[water, soup, food, etc.]  Get your liquid trace minerals from Marine
Minerals:  800  955 7772 in Utah.
>They will also send you a herbal  supplements catalog.  Order from it
>"Lightening tablets", for B complex supplement.  If you drink coffee, 
>you will probably need a digestive supplement, something to stimulate 
>the liver and gall bladder.  If your system is working and you have 
>all your trace elements, you will not need coffee!

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