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Subject: SLS: fifteen commonly held BELIEFS (fwd)

>So letís briefly examine the following fifteen commonly held BELIEFS that
>MOST Americans BELIEVE to be "true for a fact" and separate BELIEF from
>Is that you live in a democracy. After all, doesnít our own president keep
>referring to America as a "democracy" whose job it is to make the whole
>WORLD "safe for democracy"? The FACT is that America is NOT a democracy and
>never HAS been. America is a REPUBLIC. Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S.
>Constitution states: "the United States shall guarantee to every State in
>this Union a REPUBLICAN Form of Government". You pledge allegiance "... to
>the REPUBLIC for which it stands UNDER GOD..." The word "democracy" does
>NOT appear in the Constitution, the constitutions of any of the 50 states,
>or the Declaration of Independence. ALL democracies throughout history have
>died when a majority of the public realized they could vote themselves
>their "FAIR SHARE" of the benefits from the public trough. Samuel Adams,
>Father of the American Revolution, stated: "Democracy never lasts long. It
>soon wastes itself. there never was a democracy yet that did not commit
>suicide". Itís not Americaís job to make the whole WORLD "safe for
>democracy". Democracy isnít SAFE ! Itís Americaís job to defend and protect
>our constitutional God Given/Inspired REPUBLIC.
>Is that the GOVERNMENT grants us our rights, such as our "right" to a good
>education, and that the job of the COURTS is to defend our rights FOR us.
>The FACT is, YOUR rights come from GOD, not from ANY creation of MAN. Itís
>NOT the job of the court, your Congressman or anyone ELSE to assert and
>defend YOUR God-given rights, itís YOUR job. Itís the COURTís job to merely
>see that JUSTICE is EQUALLY served.
>Is that the Federal Reserve System is a government agency. The FACT is that
>the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT corporation, as confirmed by
>the 9th Circuit Court when it ruled on June 24, 1982 in the case LEWIS vs.
>United States:
>"We conclude that the [Federal] Reserve Banks are NOT federal... but are
>independent, PRIVATELY owned... corporations... without day to day
>direction from the federal government".
>The Federal Reserve in no more FEDERAL than Federal Express. You won't find
>it listed in the phone book under GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. Youíll find it in
>the WHITE pages along with OTHER private businesses. The Federal Reserve
>pays ZERO federal and state income tax, just PROPERTY taxes on its
>buildings, and has NEVER to this day been fully audited by the General
>Accounting Office (GAO). And there are NO reserves, as the Boston Federal
>Reserve Bank admits in its publication "PUTTING IT SIMPLY":
>"When you or I write a check there must be sufficient funds in our account
>to cover that check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is
>creating money".
>Under fractional reserve banking, the "Fed" creates money out of THIN AIR
>by LENDING it into circulation FULL face value PLUS INTEREST. Since FUTURE
>loans must be issued to CREATE the money to PAY this interest, the federal
>debt can NEVER mathematically be repaid, in spite of all the political
>Is that inflation is a NATURAL and unavoidable phenomenon. The TRUTH is
>that inflation is ENGINEERED as each new paper lent dollar into circulation
>REDUCES the value of all dollars ALREADY in existence. Experience has
>taught the "Fed" that a 5% annual DEVALUATION of the money supply can be
>consistently maintained without alarming the public. To date, this
>insidious tax has gradually ROBBED Americans of over 90% of their
>purchasing power, thereby generating TRILLIONS of dollars in profits to the
>private banking monopoly that RENTS us our money supply.
>Is that our government owes the currently $5.5 TRILLION dollar debt to
>ITSELF. Of course if that were TRUE, the government could simply FORGIVE
>itself its OWN DEBT and START OVER ! the fact is that the government owes
>the debt to the Federal Reserve System. Or, more accurately, to the mostly
>FOREIGN FAMILIES who lobbied certain Congressmen to RAMROD through the
>Federal Reserve Act back in 1913 and to this day comprise Class "A" voting
>STOCKHOLDERS of the Federal Reserve System.
>Is that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - the so called "INCOME
>TAX" amendment - AUTHORIZED the income tax. Not according to the SUPREME
>COURT, it didnít ! The high court ruled in 1916 in STANTON vs. BALTIC
>MINING - a case that has NEVER been overturned - that the 16th Amendment
>conferred, and I quote:
>"... no new power of taxation".
>Imagine that ! The highest court in the land ruling that the 16th changed
>absolutely NOTHING ! Why not ? Because the 16th Amendment did NOT REPEAL
>Article 1, Section 2 Clause 3 or Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 of the
>Constitution, which absolutely FORBID Congress from DIRECTLY taxing a U.S.
>citizen ! So why WAS the 16th written? to create the ILLUSION of a new
>authority to directly tax U.S. citizens, an illusion upon which the IRS
>still relies.
>And so it seems BEYOND obvious to say so - is that the purpose of the
>income tax is to raise revenue to pay for the day-to-day operations of the
>federal government. Not according to the Grace Commission. On January 15,
>1984, this private-sector, blue ribbon committee, impaneled by President
>Ronald Reagan to find ways to cut government spending, stated in their
>final report to the president:
>"... 100% of what is collected is absorbed SOLELY by interest on the
>Federal Debt... all individual income tax revenues are gone BEFORE one
>NICKEL is spent on the service taxpayers expect from government".
>The FACT is that not ONE DOLLAR of personal income tax collected by the IRS
>goes to pay for government services, but actually goes to pay the INTEREST
>on our "DEBT" to the Federal Reserve.
>Then why ARE income taxes collected? Again letís hear the TRUTH directly
>from the source. In a paper titled "Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete",
>published in the January 1946 issue of AMERICAN AFFAIRS, Beardsley Ruml,
>then Chairman of the powerful New York branch of the Federal Reserve
>System, revealed:
>"... the most important SINGLE purpose to be served by the imposition of
>federal taxes is the maintenance of a dollar which has stable purchasing
>power over the years. "Without the use of federal taxation, all other means
>of stabilization... are unavailing".
>In other words, the TRUE purpose of the income tax is to maintain economic
>CONTROL. By siphoning off excess dollars from circulation, the inflation -
>perhaps even the hyperinflation - that would ordinarily result from issuing
>too much PAPER money can be masked. Now you know the truth BEHIND the
>income tax.
>Is that the Internal Revenue Code is so bewildering in itís complexity that
>itís beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.
>Thatís simply not true. In fact, Iíve given the code to several
>TWELVE-YEAR-OLDS to read and they had NO problem understanding it at ALL !
>Itís written in plain English. To understand the code, you simply start
>with the INDEX. If youíre involved in activities relating to, for example,
>gifts, trusts, estates or the manufacture of alcohol or tobacco products,
>go to those chapters and locate the LIABILITY statutes to see what youíre
>required to file and pay. However, if youíre NOT involved in those
>activities, youíre not the "TAXPAYER" of those taxes and can IGNORE those
>chapters completely. Repeated warnings from the government and the media
>have probably led you to BELIEVE that EVERYONE has a requirement to file
>income tax returns and owes their "FAIR SHARE" of the income tax whether
>they LIKE paying it or not. Otherwise, why would MILLIONS of blank Form
>1040ís be piled up each spring in post offices and libraries across
>America? Why else would the IRS MAIL one to MILLIONS of American homes each
>year? So does EVERYONE owe the income tax? Who DID Congress make liable ?
>Was it YOU ? To see where Congress made the U.S. Citizen working within the
>fifty states liable for the tax on his OWN "INCOME", simply read chapters
>through six of the code which cover the tax on "INCOME" and locate the
>corresponding liability statute. GOOD LUCK, because it doesnít EXIST ! You
>can scan the ENTIRE code by computer on a CD-ROM or on-line on the
>Internet: (http://TeamInfinity.com/~ralph/code/t26.html) and I GUARANTEE
>you wonít find it. THOUSANDS have looked with a fine tooth comb and itís
>just NOT THERE. If you do not BELIEVE me, try it YOURSELF. The ONLY
>liability of the U.S. Citizen is when WITHHOLDING from a FOREIGNER or when
>working OVERSEAS in a FOREIGN country under a current tax treaty with the
>U.S. Now, your tax professional may point to code section 1 which imposes
>the income tax on "individuals", but research the underlying Treasury
>regulations for code section 1 and you will discover that the "individual"
>referred to is one with FOREIGN source income ONLY ! Which is why, as
>outrageous as it may sound, it is absolutely CORRECT to state that, unless
>in receipt of FOREIGN source income, you are not NOW paying the income tax
>nor have you EVER paid one DIME in income tax your entire LIFE ! But how
>could this POSSIBLY be true since youíve always filed Form 1040, most
>likely because you BELIEVE, and this is...
>Is that the IRS intended Form 1040 to be used by ALL working Americans to
>report their income. Not according to the Department of the Treasury which
>supervises the IRS. Treasury Department Decision 2313 issued on March 21,
>1916, states:
>"The responsible heads, agents, or representatives of NONRESIDENT ALIENS...
>shall make a full and complete return of the INCOME there-from on Form
>As further proof, under the 1980 Paperwork Reduction Act, Congress made the
>Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the watchdog required to approve ANY
>government agency form that asks for information from a U.S. citizen.
>According to the OMB and the National Office of the IRS, the REQUIRED form
>for a U.S. Citizen to use to report income is NOT Form 1040, itís Form
>2555, titled "FOREIGN Earned Income". The top of the Form 2225 says "attach
>to front of Form 1040". Form 1040 "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" is
>merely a SUPPLEMENTAL worksheet to the REQUIRED Form 2555, which states
>"for use by U.S. Citizens...".
>Apparently the IRS DOES know the difference between an "INDIVIDUAL" and a
>"CITIZEN". Sure, youíve been filing and signing Form 1040 all along,
>swearing under penalties of perjury that everything listed on it IS income
>to you REGARDLESS of its source, foreign or otherwise. And since committing
>perjury would be a FELONY, the IRS is correct in PRESUMING that you have
>sworn to tell the TRUTH. Which is why they donít tear up your 1040 and mail
>your check back with a letter explaining your mistake. Now you understand
>the REAL meaning of "VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE"! So if you havenít been paying
>the INCOME tax, what HAVE you been paying? Youíve been paying the
>EMPLOYMENT tax, otherwise known as the WAGE or SOCIAL SECURITY tax. The
>EMPLOYMENT TAX is found in chapters twenty-one through twenty-five of the
>code, and has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the income tax under the law.
>And who is liable for the EMPLOYMENT TAX? the "EMPLOYEE", a legally defined
>term with in the law. So is EVERYONE who works for someone else
>AUTOMATICALLY an "EMPLOYEE"? No, only working VOLUNTEERS. Those who
>VOLUNTEERED to apply for a Social Security Number. Those who VOLUNTEER to
>use that number to build up credits towards retirement and other federal
>benefits. Those who VOLUNTEER to sign a Form W-4 "Employeeís Withholding
>ALLOWANCE Certificate" and ALLOW taxes to be withheld from their paycheck.
>Which leads us to...
>BELIEF #10:
>That submitting the W-4 is REQUIRED by law. Itís NOT ! The fact IS that
>there is NO law requiring ANY worker to execute a Form W-4. Itís STRICTLY
>ELECTIVE. Of course, it APPEARS mandatory, since most employers wonít hire
>you without one. why not ? Because theyíve NEVER read the ACTUAL LAW, so
>they BELIEVE itís required. The W-4 is a PERMISSION SLIP that allows an
>"EMPLOYER" - another legally defined term - to withhold taxes from an
>No, only one who has signed Form SS-4 "Application For Employer
>Identification Number". As you may have guessed now, THATís not required
>either ! After all, an application is ALWAYS voluntary, isnít it?
>Otherwise, thereíd be no reason to apply! The proper paperwork to STOP tax
>withholding in the workplace is explained in 26 Code of Federal
>Regulations, section 1.1441-5 and in IRS Publication 515, which in speaking
>to the withholding agent states:
>"If an individual gives you a written statement stating that he or she is a
>CITIZEN or RESIDENT of the United States, and you do not know OTHERWISE,
>you do NOT have withhold tax".
>Imagine THAT ! One who hires other does NOT need to be an unpaid bookkeeper
>for the federal government! And a worker doesnít HAVE to give the
>government an interest-free loan. Since everyone asks for your Social
>Security Number, you probably BELIEVE and this is...
>BELIEF #11:
>That you are REQUIRED to obtain a number for yourself and your child. Not
>true and NEVER has been. The fact IS, as the Social Security Administration
>readily admits in its standard form letter to ANYONE who asks:
>"The Social Security Act does NOT require a person to have a Social
>Security number in order to live and work in the United States, nor does it
>require a [number] simply for the sake of having one".
>Title 42 of the United States Code, Section 405(B)(i) states under
>Subsection (II) that Social Security Numbers are assigned:
>"... to and individual who is an APPLICANT for or recipient of benefits".
>Thereís NO law that REQUIRES a U.S. citizen to obtain or use a number, or
>to get one for their child. Shocked? It gets worse. the IRS canít even
>establish a record in their computer systems (by law) for any entity that
>does NOT volunteer to number itself, whether a corporation, a partnership
>or a natural person. Which is why those choose NOT to apply for a Social
>Security are non-taxpayers and are NEVER contacted by the IRS their entire
>BELIEF #12:
>Is that the law REQUIRES EVERYONE to join Social Security and pay Social
>Security taxes, and that NO one could possibly ever QUIT Social Security.
>This is perhaps the BIGGEST deceit of all. Walter E. Williams,
>Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, wrote:
>"All we have to do now is to inform the public that the payment of social
>security taxes is VOLUNTARY and watch the mass exodus".
>Especially when they fully realize the impact of what Dorcas Hardy, former
>Commissioner of Social Security, wrote in the December 1995 issue of
>Readerís Digest:
>"There is no prospect that todayís younger workers will receive all the
>Social Security and Medicare benefits currently promised them".
>Tens of THOUSANDS of well informed U.S. citizens have ALREADY quit Social
>Security - 100% LEGALLY - by submitting an Affidavit of Revocation and
>Rescission to Secretary of the Treasury, REVOKING their VOLUNTARY
>application for a Social Security Number.
>BELIEF #13:
>Based upon MOST Americansí ingrained fear of audits, is that you MUST
>produce your books and records when summoned to appear before the IRS. Not
>according to the courts. On July 28, 1969, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals
>Judge Cummings stated in the case U.S. v. Dickerson:
>"Only the rare taxpayer would be likely to know that he could REFUSE to
>produce his records to IRS agents...
>"Who would believe the ironic truth that the COOPERATIVE taxpayer fares
>much WORSE than individual who relies upon his constitutional RIGHTS".
>The fact IS that the 4th and 5th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
>PROTECT your right to privacy in your books and records and your right NOT
>to be compelled to be a witness AGAINST yourself in a criminal action.
>BELIEF #14:
>Is that the IRS has the lawful authority to levy upon the paycheck or bank
>account of a U.S. citizen. Not according to the Internal Code (Title 26)
>Section 6331, titled "Levy and Distraint", paragraph (a) states:
>"Levy may be made upon the accrues salary or wages of any OFFICER,
>EMPLOYEE, or ELECTED OFFICIAL of the United States, [or] the District of
>No mention of the U.S. Citizen, is there? Of course, that wouldnít stop the
>IRS from levying YOU, would it?
>BELIEF #15:
>Our FINAL belief is that, given the horror stories youíve seen and heard,
>if YOU were to decide to take a stand for YOUR rights and were to STOP
>"DOING BUSINESS" with the IRS, youíd be on your own with no support or
>assistance available. Fortunately, this too is false. Out of a profusion of
>so-called "un-tax" and "de-tax" groups that rely upon untested theories,
>unproven arguments and "silver bullets", there has emerged ONE prestigious,
>national organization which serves no other purpose than to actively
>promote the study of the law and to assist its members in the assertion of
>their rights in accordance with the law, ESPECIALLY when dealing with the
>IRS and the state taxing agencies.
>                                  [Image]
>Itís called the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship, and has been in CONTINUOUS
>existence since 1984 at the same physical location - 12 Carroll Street in
>Westminster, Maryland - and has members in all fifty states.
>Our members are aware that various government agencies - and the IRS in
>PARTICULAR - are systematically infringing upon individual rights; that
>this infringement is often a direct result of inadequately trained
>government employees who are more concerned with adhering to administrative
>"POLICY" than to the written law itself; and that such policy often runs
>counter to the constitutional LIMITS that are imposed on the government.
>As the result of YEARS of dedicated legal research, correspondence and even
>legal BATTLES with the IRS, our staff has ALREADY sorted through what would
>take the AVERAGE person a LIFETIME to figure out on his or her own.
>Our association recognizes the necessity of raising revenues through
>taxation but ALSO recognizes that this necessity has provisions in the LAW
>and that the government in meeting its exigencies may NOT extend its
>activities BEYOND the law.
>The Fellowship is therefore NOT a "tax protest" group, but is a First
>Amendment association dedicated to confining IRS and other government
>personnel within the law AS IT IS ACTUALLY WRITTEN.
>When someone joins the Fellowship, it is a foregone conclusion that they
>are particularly concerned with the IRS and its propensity to MISAPPLY the
>law and to illegally enforce its provisions.
>Fellowship members know that the IRS keeps the multitudes in line by using
>the news media to plant stories suggesting that resistance is useless and
>reprisal is swift and painful. These "reminders" and a lifetime of
>Pavlovian conditioning make it difficult for MOST people to take the first
>break-away step. However, since Fellowship members have taken the time to
>EDUCATE themselves and prepare a proper legal defense, the risk has been
>removed! The Fellowship provides mutual aid, support, and assistance to
>those who wish to assert their rights. This is accomplished in a number of
>First, the Fellowship operates much like an insurance company in that
>members pledge to assist other members should they suffer a loss of cash or
>property. In the event that any member is damaged financially by the IRS or
>state taxing agencies as a result of illegal collection practices and
>confiscations, the member is reimbursed up to one-hundred and fifty
>thousand dollars through a uniform assessment of the membership, currently
>costing each member just $15 to $20 dollars per month, a figure which has
>steadily declined over the years as members continue to join. This MEMBER
>ASSISTANCE PROGRAM goes a long way towards removing the fear of asserting
>oneís rights in the face of a frequently oppressive taxing authority. And
>since the member is REIMBURSED and itís the IRS that has spent thousands in
>PURSUING the member, who has REALLY been damaged? With the financial threat
>of asserting oneís Liberty thereby removed, "closet" Patriots are joining
>the Fellowship in droves. Welcome to the Constitutional Revivalist Movement
>Second, the Fellowship provides educational materials and resources in the
>form of newsletters, videos, audio cassettes, and books. Our members-only
>newsletter, "Reasonable Action", has for the past ten years been regarded
>by many as one of the most highly respected tax-oriented publications in
>the nation.
>Third, the Fellowship has researched and developed legal defensive weapons
>to protect our membersí Liberty and Property, and provides assistance via
>our paralegal and case development departments. Should the IRS attempt to
>contact a member, caseworkers are available to handle the correspondence
>and to address any improper requests or allegations. 1f the IRS attempts to
>move forward with an improper lien or illegal collection action, paralegals
>are available to assist.
>Since 1984, the Fellowship has published a flyer titled "Believe It Or
>Not!" which offers a $10,000 cash reward to ANYONE - in or out of
>government who can DISPROVE the statements in the flyer To date, not a
>SINGLE judge, politician, lawyer, C.P.A. or IRS agent has been able to
>collect the reward, and MANY have tried.
>The research this flyer has spurred has produced MANY en-lightened C.P.A.ís
>and tax professionals.
>For many years, by using fear of audit and other scare tactics, the IRS has
>maintained CONSTANT surveillance over MILLIONS of honest Americans. Now,
>itís time now to reach out and inform the public that our investigation of
>the IRS ITSELF is complete. There ARE no more missing puzzle pieces. The
>picture is complete and itís not a pretty one. After viewing it, you may
>NEVER look at your government the same way again.
>Itís time for Americans to take our country back, beginning with our
>pocketbooks. For, without our rights to Property asserted and defended,
>true Liberty in America can never exist.
>If you would like to avail yourself of the opportunity to receive the
>finest "adult education" currently available with regards to our
>constitutional heritage, including a thorough and accurate analysis of the
>LIMITED liability of the U S. citizen for internal taxation, please contact
>the qualified Independent Representative of The Save-A-Patriot Fellowship
>who provided you with this fax-on-demand number and ask about our
>educational, Limited Membership.
>On the other hand, if you or someone you care about needs assistance in
>responding properly to a Notice of Deficiency, lien, levy or seizure or to
>other correspondence received from the Internal Revenue Service or state
>taxing agency; or needs assistance in stopping tax withholding in the
>workplace; or in quitting Social Security; or in filing bankruptcy to stop
>tax collection activity; or with any other tax issue requiring legal
>assistance and defense, be sure to inquire about our FULL Membership.

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