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Subject: SLS: "Paper Terrorism" memo by Washington state legislator

>For those of you who are interested in following up on the memo 
>circulated by Karen Schmidt commending the "Paper Terrorism" program 
>of the Washington State Patrol Organized Crime Intelligence Unit to 
>her fellow Washington state legislators, please go to my Home Page 
>at: http://www.halcyon.com/harold/ and view the documents just added 
>to the bottom of the "ALERT" section.
>Attorney Steffan Bertsch has fired off an interesting reply to Rep. 
>Schmidt.  Also nine Washington state legislators have signed a letter 
>protesting at least the more egregious aspects of the memo. Nine out 
>of how many hundred legislators?  Has it become so politically 
>dangerous to oppose something this blatantly oppressive?  I guess 
>time will tell.

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