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Dear Carol,

Thanks for this update.
You write clearly and directly.
Keep up the good work!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>TO:  FRC Prayer Warriors		October 7, 1997
>FROM:  Carol Bauer     	
>1.  There has been a dramatic response to our request for
>prayers for the Promise Keepers event and fair media coverage.
>Last week Gary was invited to appear on the "Today" show with
>radical feminist Patricia Ireland.  Prior to the appearance
>the two were left in a waiting room for several minutes.
>Seeming anxious and nervous, Ms. Ireland spent that time
>going through a thick briefing book and note cards.
>But Gary told me he felt serene and spent his time in the
>waiting room praying.  When the show began, host Matt Laurer
>gave Gary the first question, the last question and more than
>adequate time to defend Promise Keepers.
>Even more exciting was that Gary was able to talk to a
>secular nationwide television audience in the millions about
>the reason one million men had come to Washington....their
>belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that God
>intends for us to live a certain way.  He was able to knock
>down the argument that Promise Keepers asks women to submit
>by emphasizing that men are to be the spiritual leaders of
>their family and are called to love their wives and children
>even to the extent of dying for them.  We have an awesome God!
>As you know, the Promise Keepers "Stand in the Gap" gathering
>was electrifying.  Washington has never seen anything like the
>purity of purpose which these men displayed.  Gary and our
>ten year old son, Zachary, felt they had participated in a
>"once in a lifetime" religious event.  Praise God for
>answered prayers!  We should pray that the Promise Keepers
>will return to their homes, churches and communities committed
>to permanent changes in their Christian walk.  Just think of
>the fruit that could be borne if each man who came to
>Washington actually became a better husband, father and 
>citizen!  While Promise Keepers is not partisan, the fire 
>they are lighting can be used by God for a dramatic impact 
>on how we are governed and to insure that our laws are based 
>on Biblical principles.
>2.  On Tuesday evening October 14th Gary will face one of the 
>biggest opportunities and challenges ever.  He appears on a 
>"Firing Line" show (PBS) to be taped at the University of 
>Mississippi on the topic of U.S. - China foreign policy. 
>(To be broadcast on Friday, October 24th.)  It is a formal 
>debate setting with three other people on his side.  With 
>Chinas rising incidence of religious persecution, mandatory 
>abortion, growing military and economic strength and the 
>reining-in of the democracy movement in Hong Kong, you would 
>think his task of presenting the need for U.S. foreign policy 
>to represent American values would be relatively easy.  
>But you will probably be surprised at the list of those on 
>the opposing side:  William F. Buckley, editor of National 
>Review; Dr. Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State; Sen. 
>Trent Lott (R-MS), majority leader of the Senate; and a major 
>U.S. Corporation president.  Please pray that Gary and his 
>fellow panelists will be articulate, forceful and effective.  
>And, pray that the basic truths in their presentation will 
>be transparent to all who watch. 
>3.  Finally, there are two members of our FRC family who need 
>your specific prayers as they face severe health challenges.  
>Just as many of you have shared your hearts prayers with us, 
>so we in turn now ask you to intercede for us.  An 
>organization with the size and mission of the Family Research 
>Council seems like an extended family.  We truly love and 
>care for each other in the body of Christ we call FRC.  
>And two of our own need your prayers.
>Marsha Spykerman, a mother of two teenagers, has worked part 
>time in teleservice and data entry for three years.  Recently 
>she learned that she will need a kidney transplant.  In 
>preparation, she is now enduring kidney dialysis three times 
>a week to stabilize her condition.  Please pray that the 
>doctors will discover the source of an ongoing fever and 
>that a kidney will become available.
>Susan Sterenberg, a single young woman, has been a part of 
>our  data entry team for three years.  Last week during 
>surgery to remove what we hoped would be a benign tumor, 
>extensive cancer was discovered.  She will be undergoing 
>chemotherapy, an intimidating prospect compounded by the 
>fact that Susan is deaf.  Please pray for both of these women 
>and their families as they seek God for courage, strength and 

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