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>                            Editorial
>    The campaign finance scandal investigations by  Congress  and
>by the media have focused exclusively Clinton's 1996 campaign and
>completely  ignored  his   1992   campaign.   While   plenty   of
>illegalities  have  been  uncovered  in  the  1996  campaign, the
>implications of  the  1992  campaign  are  much  more  troubling.
>Consider the following:
>  (1) In 1992 the DNC Chairman was not Don Fowler, who has been
>  called  before  the  Senate.  In  1992,  the Chairman was Ron
>  Brown, who died in a suspicious plane crash in 1996.
>  (2) In 1992, Clinton's campaign security contractor was Jerry
>  Parks.   He  was gunned down in the streets of Little Rock in
>  1993. His wife says he drove trunkloads  of  cash  from  Mena
>  airport to Little Rock.
>  (3) Jerry Parks' employer was Vince Foster of  the  Rose  Law
>  Firm.  He died under highly suspicious circumstances in 1993.
>  (4) Victor Raisner, National Finance Co-chair of Clinton  for
>  President, died in an airplane crash on July 30, 1992.
>  (5) Paul Tulley of the DNC, was found  dead  due  to  unknown
>  causes in a hotel room on Sep. 24, 1992.
>  (6) John Parnell  Walker,  Investigator  for  the  Resolution
>  Trust  Corporation  looking into the Whitewater/Madison link,
>  fell from the top of the Lincoln Towers  bldg.  on  Aug.  15,
>  1993.
>  (7) Ed Willey, a Clinton fundraiser, died of a self-inflicted
>  gunshot wound on Nov. 30, 1993.
>There are other members of the 1992 Clinton  fundraising  network
>who   have  died,  but  under  circumstances  that  do  not  seem
>  (8) Hershel Friday, a member  of  the  presidential  campaign
>  finance committee died in an airplane crash on March 1, 1994.
>  But an Arkansas source who knew Friday and is  familiar  with
>  the  crash  tell the Washington Weekly it was not suspicious:
>  "He tried to land his twin-engined plane on the airstrip near
>  his  home  on  a  night when the weather should have dictated
>  that he land instead at the North Little Rock or Little  Rock
>  airports and drive home. It was a sad day, and had nothing to
>  do with Clinton." The source  further  says  that  the  Jerry
>  Parks  murder cries out for attention.  "A mob-style hit on a
>  public highway in daylight; A family that says his  'records'
>  from investigating Clinton stolen in a burglary."
>  (9) Pamela Harriman, a wealthy benefactor and fundraiser  for
>  Bill  Clinton  in 1992. She was rewarded for her help with an
>  ambassadorship to France.  She died earlier this year, at the
>  age of 76, of a stroke. Hardly anything suspicious there.
>    Now, of course it could be a coincidence that so many people,
>not  counting  the last two, involved in the financial aspects of
>the 1992 Clinton Campaign have died violent deaths.  But  knowing
>what  we  know today of total subversion and foreign infiltration
>of the 1996 campaign, it is reasonable to assume  that  the  1992
>campaign  was not entirely clean either. Consider Dennis Patrick,
>whose  investment  account  was  used  by  Clinton  friend,  drug
>distributor,  and  campaign  contributor  Dan  Lasater to launder
>millions of dollars. This  took  place  at  the  same  time  when
>Lasater  was under investigation by the Attorney General's Office
>of Santa Fe, New Mexico for narcotics trafficking via aircraft in
>collaboration  with the Mob. Patrick has received several threats
>on his life after going public with what he knows.
>    Consider also that the 1992 campaign took place  outside  the
>glaring  spotlight  of  Washington,  DC. Much of it took place in
>Arkansas, where political  murders  are  considered  a  venerable
>    It is for this reason that we suspect that the full story  on
>the  campaign  finance  scandal  has yet to emerge. Or to be more
>precise, it never will.
>  Published in the Oct.  6, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact

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