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>Subject:       Re: "Paper Terrorism" in MO
>Has anyone looked into the possibility that a UCC-1 form may be the
>instrument of choice in this arena?  Here again, those looking for
>exemption from the system are being thwarted by that very system when one
>of the system's own implements might have performed more effectively, as
>Secretary of State Cook notes hereinbelow.  SRJ
>> At 03:36 AM 10/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> > . . .  in missouri, they actually enacted law which made it a crime to
>> >seek a remedy which the courts later determined was without merit.
>> >
>> Can you brief us on this?  Statutes, journal, newspaper articles and
>> legislative history?  SRJ
>I can do more than merely brief you, I can supply the absurd content of
>the news release from Secratary Cook's office which has been since
>withdrawn from the SOS website:
>Release Date: May 20, 1996 
>For additional information call: Jim Grebing, Communications Director,
>(573) 526-1085 
>For Radio Actuality: (573)526-1200 or 1-800-240-2765. 
>Legislation passed last week by the General Assembly will give Missouri
>one of the toughest laws in the nation to deal with the growing problem
>of liens being filed against citizens by so-called common law courts,
>Secretary of State Rebecca M. Cook said Monday. 
>"This is one of the most comprehensive, far-reaching laws in the country
>and it should give our local official the tools they need to fight this
>problem of nonconsentual common law court liens," said Cook, who drafted
>the legislation along with Rep. Phil Smith, D-Louisiana. 
>"These so-called freemen' will no longer be able to take their
>dissatisfaction and gum up our legal process. They cannot use our legal
>process only when it suits their needs, and hopefully, we can get these
>bogus common law court actions out of our legitimate legal system." 
>The legislation clarifies the legal authority of county recorders and
>the Secretary of State's Office to refuse to file liens from the common
>law courts. It also protects recorders from being held liable if they do
>not accept a document. 
>In addition, if a common law lien does get filed, the person it is filed
>against can petition in circuit court to have it thrown out. If the lien
>is found to be invalid, or if the person filing the lien fails to appear
>in circuit court, the court must strike the lien. The judge also has the
>authority to penalize the filer with a minimum fine of $5,000 or order
>the filer to pay actual damages, whichever is greater. 
>"I want to commend Rep. Smith for his leadership in the General Assembly
>on this very important issue," said Cook. "I also want to commend all of
>the members of the House and Senate for moving swiftly on our
>Smith said these false liens are being used as a tool to intimidate
>citizens, especially public officials who have taken action against them
>for criminal activity. 
>"In the past, we have never had this kind of trouble. If a lien was
>filed it was done under the jurisdiction of valid courts," said Smith.
>"Unfortunately the present system cannot deal with false liens and we
>must tighten rules to protect innocent people." 
>Common law courts are appearing in many parts of the country, and those
>who support such courts believe they are "sovereign" citizens and immune
>from state and federal courts. There have been a number of instances
>where "sovereign" citizens have filed liens from common law courts
>against public officials who have taken action against them. Liens have
>also been filed against bankers, realtors, and average citizens. 
>The liens are filed in recorders of deeds offices and could affect
>titles to property and can have an impact of credit ratings. Many of the
>"judgements" are for millions of dollars and often times credit agencies
>do not detect that the lien is false. 
>Both county recorders and the Secretary of State's office accept filings
>on personal property for the Uniform Commercial Code. 
>Cook became aware of the problem earlier this year during an
>investigation in the Securities division of the office. Law enforcement
>officials were aware of the difficulties recorders were encountering. 
>Smith said he realized the severity of the problem after a huge
>judgement was filed against a judge, prosecuting attorney, and highway
>patrolman in Lincoln County which is located in his district. 
>In April, Cook worked with Smith to draft legislation and presented the
>proposed bill to the annual meeting of the Missouri Recorders
>Association on April 16. Input was sought from the recorders, legal
>experts, the Missouri Bankers Association, and the Office of State
>Courts Administrator to put the bill in its final form. 
>"Getting the input of others was extremely important because we wanted
>to make sure that in dealing with the illegitimate liens we were not
>going to stall the legitimate legal process," explained Cook. 
>"Rep. Smith and I are pleased with the input we received and the support
>for working together to address this issue. We were very concerned that
>if we did not take steps to bring this problem under control right away,
>it would only get worse and become an even greater problem in the
>Smith introduced the bill in the House, (HB 1647) but because it was
>late in the session it had to be added as an amendment to another bill. 
>He offered it as an amendment to several bills to ensure it would be
>passed during this session. Smith stressed that the common law court
>actions are a serious threat to our legitimate system of justice. 
>"We need to protect our judicial system. If jurors and witnesses are
>threatened with liens, our judicial system will be in serious jeopardy,"
>Smith said. 
>There is an emergency clause attached to the legislation, which means it
>will become effective upon the signature of Gov. Mel Carnahan. 
>"This legislation we have passed will make it clear that we have taken
>the imposition of liens against our citizens seriously and that
>fraudulent lien will not be tolerated," said Cook. 
>"These false documents are nothing more than an attempt by a handful of
>extremist to make a mockery of our legal system. They purport to want to
>live under their own law and be judged by their own courts as sovereign'
>citizens, but that is not the way our democratic system of government is
>designed to work. We are governed by the wishes of the majority, not
>held hostage by radical groups claiming to be above the laws everyone
>else lives by." 
>Office of Secretary of State Rebecca McDowell Cook 
>600 W. Main 
>Jefferson City, Missouri 65101</H> 
>Information contained in this document was compiled using publications
>from the Secretary of State's Office. 
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