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>George Lansing Osborn
>October 5, 1997
>"Promise Keepers 'threaten' NOW"
>The sight of more than a million men anywhere is awe-inspiring.  But a 
>million men willing to put their wives and families first is very 
>frightening to Patricia Ireland, head of the National Organization of 
>Women (NOW).  The men of Promise Keepers promise to love their wives, 
>their children, and their neighbors as themselves, in keeping with the 
>teachings of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament.  Why that 
>should be threatening to Ireland and others of her ilk is apparent.  One 
>only has to look at their lifestyles and examine where they get their 
>money for the answer.
>Patricia Ireland would have us think that NOW is the answer for all that 
>ails women today.  Especially, her appeal to younger women is repugnant.  
>She and other feminists urge young women to join them, promising that 
>they, too, can be like Patricia Ireland, independent of men, and 
>professionally successful.  Yes, young women can become like Ireland, but 
>to do that they would have to get married, leave home and take on a 
>lesbian lover.  If the women in NOW had Promise Keepers for husbands, 
>there would be no NOW, nor any "professional success" for Patricia 
>Ireland is not my idea of success, nor is she the ideal of the great 
>majority of American women.  Color me old-fashioned if you want, but I 
>pray that my two daughters choose a more traditional lifestyle.  I look 
>forward to the day when they marry the man of their dreams, have their 
>first children and make me a grandfather.  And they can model themselves 
>after their very successful mother: girl scout leader, Sunday-school 
>teacher, soccer coach, room mom, PTA officer, college graduate and 
>successful businesswoman before she gave that up for her children.
>Yes, that is frightening for Ireland, and for Karen Taggart of the 
>Washington, DC Lesbian Avengers, who said about the Promise Keepers, "
>we'll show them that lesbians are everywhere.  We'll show them that 
>lesbians have super powers"  No, Ms. Taggart, you will not.  But Taggart 
>is truly afraid that the men of Promise Keepers have tapped into just 
>such a super power that will render her message irrelevant to women.  I 
>remember the Lesbian Avengers in San Francisco's "Fight the Right" march 
>last year.  They were the bare-breasted women carrying a banner that 
>read, "Lesbian Avengers, We Recruit."  A sad sight, indeed.
>What is it exactly that Promise Keepers promise that is threatening to 
>NOW?  The men of Promise Keepers promise:
>* To honor Jesus Christ and obey His word. 
>* To pursue relationships with other men, provide one another with 
>spiritual strength to keep his promises. 
>* To practice spiritual, moral, ethical and sexual purity. 
>* To build strong marriages and families through love, protection and 
>biblical values. 
>* To support his church. 
>* To reach beyond racial and denominational barriers. 
>* To influence the world by witnessing and obeying, loving God and loving 
>his neighbor as himself.
>Those are the seven promises of Promise Keepers.  I find none of them 
>threatening to my children, my community or me.  Quite the contrary, I 
>find them challenging to mind, body and spirit.  The message is one of 
>self-denial and sacrifice and outreach to people of other races and 
>religions.  For Promise Keepers to keep their promises, that means 
>outreach to all, even to the homosexual community, and loving them as 
>Christ does.  As Jesus Christ broke bread with sinners, so must the 
>Promise Keepers.  That, Ms. Taggart, is not homophobic, it is Christian.
>The first prayer of the day came from a Jew, who blew a traditional ram's 
>horn, or shofar.  Indian, African-American, Latino, Asian and white 
>speakers followed him.  There were busloads of men from black and Latino 
>churches.  Wayne Hussong, a shipping clerk from Illinois said, "If 
>everybody got back to God, I'm sure crime would fall, racial prejudice 
>would cease, the conflict with the sexes would cease, abortion would be 
>done away with ..."  Surely, no one will sense any message of hate in 
>that statement of hope.
>The march, measured by sheer numbers of participants, was successful.  It 
>easily rivals the largest events ever held on the National Mall, and is 
>probably the largest gathering ever.  Terry Adams of the National Parks 
>Service said, "It seems to far exceed the crowd at the Million Man March."
>But the true worth of the Promise Keepers' "Stand in the Gap" rally will 
>be what the men bring home.  If they can inject that spirit into their 
>local communities, if they will work to bring the races together, if they 
>outreach to the downtrodden as did Christ, then our world will be a 
>better place in which to raise our children.  And, maybe, just maybe, 
>Patricia Ireland will have to get a real job.
>Go to California Today Newspaper at http://www.calnews.com/ for news and 
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