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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLL: Hawks prosecuted for FIJA literature on courthouse steps


FYI:  Dixianne Hawks was prosecuted for
passing out FIJA literature on the steps
of the county courthouse in Butte County.
I came to work on the case as it was being
appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

I think John Wolfgram did one of the
best extant critiques of judicial immunity,
that I have ever seen.  It is erudite, and
eloquent.  Please tell your friends and
associates about this valuable new resource
in the Supreme Law Library.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy :  Supreme Law School

Dear Friends, Clients, and Media:

Two new cases have just today been loaded into
the Supreme Law Library:

*   Dixianne Hawks v. County of Butte et al.

    a frontal assault upon judicial immunity,
    with shocking revelations about the 9th Circuit
    Court of Appeals, and apathy by the Supreme Court


*   U.S.A. v. Wallen

    the marijuana conviction which produced pleadings
    that caused an undercover agent to threaten the
    life of Paul Mitchell 12 times, and tell vicious
    lies to the client/defendant

I have not yet had a chance to review these files
for any glitches.  Please let me know here, if and
when you find any clerical or system-related errors.

Aside from that, enjoy yourself!  These pleadings are
really good stuff, imho.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copies:  Supreme Law School, Friends


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