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>It is time to call things by their right names. 
>The Constitution is the government's only source 
>of authority.
>The Constitution can only be changed through 
>the amendment process. The executive, legislative 
>and judicial branches of government have absolutely 
>no authority to change the original meaning of the 
>Constitution's language.
>To the extent that government exercises powers not 
>expressly granted to it by the Constitution, it acts illegally. 
>Unconstitutional legislation, orders, and regulations are 
>without legal effect.
>To the extent that we behave as though unconstitutional 
>legislation, orders, and regulations are lawful, we are 
>complicit in our own enslavement. To the extent that we 
>reward despotism with obedience, we are cooperating in 
>the destruction of own liberty.
>In the end, despite appearances, the Constitution's usurpers 
>have only the power over us that we have given to them. 
>Therefore, let us stop cooperating with illegal official conduct. Let
>us no longer treat illegitimate claims of authority as though they are
>Let us begin now, while we still can!
>Frank Brady
>Executive Director
>Coalition for an American Future

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