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>Dear M R,
>Former Congressman George Hansen will be on the road for a couple of weeks,
>speaking about the State grand jury investigation of the Oklahoma City
>bombing and the same grand jury's investigation of the torture & beating
>death of Kenneth Trentadue by 11 prison guards in federal prison in
>Oklahoma City (the Federal Transfer Center).
>He will also detail the role of Janet Reno in the cover-ups.
>George is one of the people who has worked diligently to get the grand jury
>Many of you will remember George Hansen as the Congressman who held
>hearings on the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE'S MISCONDUCT in 1975 and wrote a
>book about the IRS in 1979 titled "To Harrass Our People." Over a million
>copies of that book were printed.
>He was the nemesis of the CIA, of OSHA, and every other sham agency of the
>U.S. Government. And that was what brought about his indictment,
>prosecution, and conviction. After a few years of prison, George was
>released. The Supreme Court finally acknowledged that the law he was
>convicted of violating did not apply to him.
>But, by that time, the Bureau of Prison Services had nearly killed him.
>Because of exposure to toxic chemicals, his teeth fell apart in prison.
>Upon his release, he required extensive reconstructive dentistry. 
>He was also treated to "Diesel Therapy," a process whereby the BPS puts
>prisoners in handcuffs and leg irons and rides them around the Country in
>something which burns diesel fuel (airplanes & buses). They are strapped in
>place, unable to move for up to 20 hours a day. They wind up urinating and
>defecating on themselves. Circulation is impaired, and infections commonly
>George was treated to this arrangement on three separate occasions. He
>spent a total of about three months in "diesel therapy." He was also
>"disappeared" so that no one outside the system could find him. As I
>recall, his name was changed to "Frederick Smith" in the Bureau of Prison
>Services gulag, so that he could not be located by his wife or children, by
>his lawyer, by the media, nor by his former colleagues in the Congress.
>At one point, he even had to pull his own infected toenails.
>All this would break an ordinary man. But not George Hansen. HE'S BAAAAAACK!!
>If you're near one of his speaking engagements, don't miss the opportunity
>to hear him.
>	><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
>	Oct. 10th, 11th, 12th: Preparedness Expo, Indianapolis, Indiana
>	Oct. 13th: Knoxville, Tennessee
>	Oct. 14th: Atlanta, Georgia; 7:00 p.m.; Four Points Sheraton; I-285 @
>Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.
>	Oct. 16th: either Montgomery, Alabama or Pensacola, Florida
>	Oct. 17th: Lakeland, Florida
>	Oct. 18th: South Florida
>We'll be filling in the details as they come in. If you would like to be
>advised of particulars, please e-mail me at <harvey@juri.com> and put THE
>SCHEDULE in the subject line.
>-- Harvey

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