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Subject: SLL: Hawks prosecuted for FIJA literature on courthouse steps
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At 01:36 PM 10/9/97 -0700, you wrote:
>This is definitely not my arena--I haven't had to file tax returns for
>almost 4 years.

Good!  There are no liability statutes
anyway, so the whole scheme is voluntary,
for that reason alone, not to mention
a lot of other reasons too!!  One of the
cases we will soon load into the Supreme
Law Library is People v. Boxer, in which
we demolished the 16th amendment in 
California, in December of 1992.  
The government is trying to pretend as
if that case never happened.

>What's FIJA literature?

Fully Informed Jury Association:
they promote fully informed juries,
i.e., that juries can rule on the
law as well as the facts

>What death threats over what? 

In the case of USA v. Wallen, I busted a major
federal court racket, by showing that there
are two parallel federal district courts
in operation -- one for the state zone,
and the other for the federal zone.
When that paperwork reached the Ninth Circuit,
an undercover agent penetrated my living
room, and then threatened my life, in part
because I had also busted a property conversion
racket being run from inside the Department of
Justice in downtown Los Angeles.  

The DOJ racket is connected to a conspiracy to murder
an investigator -- Danny Casolaro -- who got
too close to the principals involved.  DOJ
stole the PROMIS software from the Inslaw
Corporation, and then bribed a federal judge
to "fix" the law suit which Inslaw brought,
to recover damages.

>Did you report said threats?

The courts throughout the country are very corrupt
right now, and the courts in Tucson are the worst,
by a long shot.  Minors are being kidnapped from
urban inner cities and brought to Tucson, where
they are ingested into Child Protective Services;
many of them go back into "service" as pimps,
prostitutes, drug runners, and worse.  The kidnap
racket is being aided and abetted by state judges
and the FBI.  I was thrown into this mess last
year, when a friend asked me to prevent an
entrapment victim from going to state prison for
21 years.  I succeeded, by exploiting a few
"surprise" moves against the Public Defender,
who is also complicit in the racket.

There is a judge on the Ninth Circuit
who has given tacit consent to receiving all 
legal paperwork which I produce.  So far, this
judge has not asked me to stop.  In this business,
you accept everything you can get.  Reporting the
threats had no effect on anything, even though
the cops took the report.  One Sheriff has been
slightly helpful, but now he is very nervous.

You must appreciate that Tucson is 70 minutes
from the Mexican border, and a major interstate
highway connects Tucson with a Mexican border
town.  NAFTA has greased the flow of drugs in a
big way -- now they are coming in (and going out)
in massive volumes.

The story is now being documented in detail in 
the pleadings and other documents being loaded
into the Supreme Law Library.  We are desperate
for funds to help finish this job.  If you can
afford anything -- $5, $10, $20 or more -- we would
be most grateful.  The Internet makes all of this
material available to the entire nation, free of
charge.  It is a gift from the Most High, to be sure.

I hope this helps.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> Debra,
>> FYI:  Dixianne Hawks was prosecuted for
>> passing out FIJA literature on the steps
>> of the county courthouse in Butte County.
>> I came to work on the case as it was being
>> appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
>> I think John Wolfgram did one of the
>> best extant critiques of judicial immunity,
>> that I have ever seen.  It is erudite, and
>> eloquent.  Please tell your friends and
>> associates about this valuable new resource
>> in the Supreme Law Library.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
>> copy :  Supreme Law School
>> Dear Friends, Clients, and Media:
>> Two new cases have just today been loaded into
>> the Supreme Law Library:
>> *   Dixianne Hawks v. County of Butte et al.
>>     a frontal assault upon judicial immunity,
>>     with shocking revelations about the 9th Circuit
>>     Court of Appeals, and apathy by the Supreme Court
>> -and-
>> *   U.S.A. v. Wallen
>>     the marijuana conviction which produced pleadings
>>     that caused an undercover agent to threaten the
>>     life of Paul Mitchell 12 times, and tell vicious
>>     lies to the client/defendant
>> I have not yet had a chance to review these files
>> for any glitches.  Please let me know here, if and
>> when you find any clerical or system-related errors.
>> Aside from that, enjoy yourself!  These pleadings are
>> really good stuff, imho.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
>> copies:  Supreme Law School, Friends

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