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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLL: seeking professional fund-raisers

Dearest Dot,

I am putting out this informal request to
people whom I trust the most on the Internet,
for references to professional fund-raisers,
who will be willing to work 100% on commission,
to raise funds to develop the Supreme Law Library.

Our opening offer is 10% off-the-top of all
monies found.  This rate is negotiable, 
per individual, as long as negotiated contracts
remain confidential.  If you are not interested,
please forward this offer, but ONLY to those
whom you would trust with such a delicate and
important project.  

Those who might receive this offer from you are
NOT authorized to re-forward it to anyone else, 
without my prior written consent.  Fair enough?

We DON'T want any more "stings"/agents provocateur, 
using this as an opportunity to wreak havoc 
(as happened last year, when an agent 
penetrated my living room, then threatened
my life 12 times).  One experience like that,
is one too many -- in anyone's lifetime -- yes??

I trust you, Dot, with this delicate and
extremely important project.

Many thanks, in advance, for any and all help
which you can provide to us.  Perhaps a large
corporation, like Amcor, might consider a 
generous grant, for humanitarian reasons.
Amcor eferences are available, upon request.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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