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Subject: SLS: "Waco movie" for sale. (fwd)

>An explosive new documentary film. Waco: The Rules of Engagement is 
>the first full length work to present the complete picture of the 
>tragic events outside of Waco, Texas that resulted in the killing of 
>four federal agents and the gassing and fiery deaths of 76 men, women 
>and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect.
>On, October 3 1997 the award winning documentary, "Waco: The Rules 
>of Engagement" went to worldwide home video release. 
>Waco is a hard hitting 2 hour 36 minute documentary film about the 
>tragedy of the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas on April 19th 1993 with 
>a budget of 2 million dollars and a production time of four years, 
>this is a serious consertive effort to probe the depths of the Waco 
>tragedy. The film has been appearing in theaters across the country 
>for the past 10 months and has an original musical score by well 
>known film composerDavid Hamilton.
>"Waco" has been the subject of dozens of articles in respected 
>publications including: The Washington Post; The New York Times; The New 
>Republic: The Nation; The Boston Globe; and the American Spectator
>*Richard Reavis, the author of the critically acclaimed book "The 
>Ashes of Waco" has said of the film- "When people asked me about 
>Waco, I used to refer them to my book. Now when I'm asked, I refer 
>them to the film (Waco: The Rule of Engagement) because it has so 
>much new information in it. It is the seminal work on the Waco 
>This Academy Award contender, referred to as the most controversial 
>film of the year, "... is not about Right or Left wing politics- it is 
>about right and wrong...", said the films producer Michael McNulty. " 
>This film is not divisive. People from all political points of view 'get 
>it' - the message of the film, "McNulty says. The "problem" is perceived 
>by all as a mutual concern: any one of us could have been faced with." 
>"When people sit down and watch this movie political differences are 
>washed away by the common fear of a government gone berserk. People 
>understand that they must take back control of their government. The 
>only question left is how to accomplish that. Hopefully all of our 
>fellow citizens will find a proper and peaceful means to resolve this 
>conflict. The real question buried deep within this "symbol" called 
>"Waco" is who will control our mutual destinies; we the people or those 
>that would be king?"
>The home video runs 15 minutes longer than the current theatrical 
>cut. It is available through C.O.P.S. distribution @ $29.95 (retail) and 
>distribution inquiries are welcome.
>FROM DISTRIBUTION. Legal actions have already begun which may result 
>in an injunction or retraining order being issued against all further 
>sales. This is not a conspiricy theory, it is a hard cold fact. Time 
>IS of the essence! We need to get as many copies of this film into 
>the handsof our fellow americans as we possibly can before we are 
>shut down. Wholesale prices are available for quantity purchases.
>Chris Parrett
>COPS, Citizens Organization for Public Safety.
>Odell Place, Suite G, 
>Boulder, CO, 80301 Phn: 303-530-7248 (Temporary through 10/9)
>Phn: 303-530-4635 (Active on October 9th)
>Fax: 303-530-2808
> (under construction)

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