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>White House charged taxpayers for eight fund-raising breakfasts
>  WASHINGTON (AP) -- Confronted with documents showing it charged taxpayers
>for  donor events, the White House is now paying the Treasury for eight
>breakfasts that  took place in 1994. President Clinton was the host,
>seeking support for the party's    health care advertising fund.   The
>Democratic National Committee sent a check Wednesday to the U.S. Treasury
>for   $1,448 after The Associated Press showed presidential aides records
>indicating there     had been no reimbursement for the White House
>breakfasts.     The White House characterized the episode as an ``honest
>(oh, yeah! I'll buy that!  BTW, got any swamp land in Florida?)
>        The disclosure comes at a sensitive time as the Justice Department
>investigates whether   government resources were misused by the White House
>to facilitate fund raising  under Clinton.   The White House routinely
>sends bills to the Democratic Party seeking reimbursement   for political
>events at the executive mansion.   But records of the National Park
>Service, which administers the White House   entertainment accounts, showed
>that while there were tens of thousands of dollars in political
>reimbursements from the party in 1994 for White House events, they did not
>cover most of the health care fund-raising breakfasts at which Clinton was
>host.    The White House said a check of its records determined that it had
>failed to seek  reimbursement for eight of the 10 breakfasts featuring the
>Clinton and his wife, Hillary   Rodham Clinton.   ``This clearly is an
>honest oversight, and as often occurs if paperwork isn't processed   and
>reimbursements weren't made, as soon as we realize that is the case, we
>immediately take steps to make sure appropriate reimbursements were made,''
>White  House special counsel Lanny Davis said....
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