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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLL: USA v. Looker now loaded in Supreme Law Library

Dear Friends, Clients and Media:

I am very happy to announce that our expert
webmaster has recently completed initial loading
of U.S.A. v. Looker in the Supreme Law Library ("SLL"),
at the URL just below my name here.

As you can see from the great volume of work which
was done on Ray Looker's behalf, I was encouraged
to continue working on his defense, even though
he and his accomplice were barely covering the
necessary office expenses, like long collect calls
every day from Ray's jail cell (on my phone bill).

After commissioning, and then filing, all of these
pleadings, Looker abruptly and inexplicably turned
on me, by resorting to a rude insult one day on
the telephone, without apparent cause or

My apologies if the Table of Contents for this
case is not in chronological sequence.  We have
been moving as quickly as we can, to complete
Phase One of SLL developments.  The best we could
do, in the very limited time available, was to
sort all DOS filenames in alphabetical sequence
in the tree beneath D:\WEBSITE.DIR, using the
DS /S NE command from the Norton Utilities.
Some Tables of Contents reflect this initial sequence 
(by DOS filename, NOT chronological order).

With your generous continuing support, we plan
to correct a number of these deficiencies during
Phase Two of SLL developments.  This second phase
will allow us to install all pertinent hypertext
links, and clean up any clerical glitches that
still persist.  Happily, the essential legal
work is now in a form which is useful to everyone
who might benefit from it, although these pleadings
will require a certain amount of concentrated study,
to glean the "patterns" that developed.

Thank you all for your warm and generous support
for this massive and ambitious project.  And, 
please do tell all your friends about the most
recent developments in this ever expanding
(and never ending) project.

I realize that our digital progress on the Internet
is something which will last into eternity --
truth be told!

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

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