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The 14th amendment was never ratified.
of USA v. Knudson, now loaded in the
Supreme Law Library at the URL just below
my name here.  Your claim(s) to rights
arising under the 14th amendment [sic]
are frivolous, for this reason.

See the Full Faith and Credit Clause,
for authority.

Thank you.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:16 AM 10/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Mitchell,
>I am at odds with the federal bureacracy due to what appears to me as an
>experimental HIV vaccine administered to me during the Gulf War.  I am
>currently 80% service connected and have appealed their decision and asked
>that they service connect me for 100%.   The real issue at hand is do I
>have a legitimate civil rights complaint based under "Equal Protection
>Under the Law' of the 14th Amendment since I know the Federal Torts Claim
>Act would not even consider this case since I was on active duty.  Title 32
>Part 219 deals with "Protection of Human Subjects " which states that the
>Department of Defense must folllow the same Code of Federal Regulations
>which include informed consent.  I do not wish to dispute teh fact that we
>were given teh waivered FDA interium ruling for informed consent for the
>botulism toxoid vaccine or the pyrostigmine bromide pills.  These were used
>in supposedly a protective posture and Nation Security reasons would most
>likely be the reason for violating  the Nueremberg Codes, and most recently
>the Helsinki Accords.  However, I have tested positive for a synthetic
>squaalene used in HIV clinical trials, and a very uncommon mycoplasma not
>found in the general population.  This mycoplasma is composed of the gp120
>coating or 40% of the HIV-1 viral envelope gene.    MF59 is produced by
>Biocine or Chiron Corporation out of Emeryville, CA.  IN addition they had
>intended to field a clinical trial at approximately teh same time periood
>of hte Gulf War, and Col. Redfield who is involved in HIV Clinical Trials
>stated that a large clinical trial was planned for Jan 1991.   Maybe all
>this is just spectulation.   All I really know is that the government had a
>"Manhatten Project for AIDS" and that the tri-service vaccine task force
>mentioned the "Manhatten Project" in their Minutes for Nov and Dec 1990.  
>Any legal advice would be appreciated.
>Dannie Wolf   

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