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The 14th amendment was never ratified.
See the Defendant's NINTH NOTICE AND DEMAND    [was "Plaintiff's"]
of USA v. Knudson, now loaded in the
Supreme Law Library at the URL just below
my name here.  Your claim(s) to rights
arising under the 14th amendment [sic]
are frivolous, for this reason.

See the Full Faith and Credit Clause,
for authority.

Thank you.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:16 AM 10/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Mitchell,
>I am at odds with the federal bureacracy due to what appears to me as an
>experimental HIV vaccine administered to me during the Gulf War.  I am
>currently 80% service connected and have appealed their decision and asked
>that they service connect me for 100%.   The real issue at hand is do I
>have a legitimate civil rights complaint based under "Equal Protection
>Under the Law' of the 14th Amendment since I know the Federal Torts Claim
>Act would not even consider this case since I was on active duty.  Title 32
>Part 219 deals with "Protection of Human Subjects " which states that the
>Department of Defense must folllow the same Code of Federal Regulations
>which include informed consent.  I do not wish to dispute teh fact that we
>were given teh waivered FDA interium ruling for informed consent for the
>botulism toxoid vaccine or the pyrostigmine bromide pills.  These were used
>in supposedly a protective posture and Nation Security reasons would most
>likely be the reason for violating  the Nueremberg Codes, and most recently
>the Helsinki Accords.  However, I have tested positive for a synthetic
>squaalene used in HIV clinical trials, and a very uncommon mycoplasma not
>found in the general population.  This mycoplasma is composed of the gp120
>coating or 40% of the HIV-1 viral envelope gene.    MF59 is produced by
>Biocine or Chiron Corporation out of Emeryville, CA.  IN addition they had
>intended to field a clinical trial at approximately teh same time periood
>of hte Gulf War, and Col. Redfield who is involved in HIV Clinical Trials
>stated that a large clinical trial was planned for Jan 1991.   Maybe all
>this is just spectulation.   All I really know is that the government had a
>"Manhatten Project for AIDS" and that the tri-service vaccine task force
>mentioned the "Manhatten Project" in their Minutes for Nov and Dec 1990.  
>Any legal advice would be appreciated.
>Dannie Wolf   


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