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Subject: SLS: commercial processes v. Fundamental Law

You are leaving out one very important
factor, which is fast becoming the
dominant paradigm:  the Internet is
growing faster than the government's
ability to regulate it.  

This means that a rapidly growing number 
of those people you were gazing at, down 
in that desert valley, are waking up to
the ease and vast size of the Internet,
in ever growing numbers.  My HTML book
tells me that the Internet is expanding
by a factor of 10-to-1 every year!

That's 1000%!!  So, I think we can now
reach people with the truth, faster than
the government can propagate their lies,
even if they must plant agents provocateur
on all of these email lists which we share.

Are you learning how to spot them?  I can
share some of my techniques with you, but
you must agree to keep them to yourself,
until further notice.  

Remember, Internet connections are blooming
all over the landscape, like weeds.  You can
connect in coffee shops now, at Kinko's, all
kinds of places are providing networked
Windows 95 with 56K modems and laser printers.

If someone does not have a computer, it is
very easy to give a demonstration, on your own
hardware, or on hardware at Kinko's!  There
are 10,000 new modems being sold in this
country, every day.  Windows 95 is truly a
revolutionary development, given its demonstrable
ease of use;  this was an intentional design
criterion, and it really shows.

Now you know why we regard the Supreme Law Library 
as a strategic national resource, which will
bootstrap people, all by itself.  As Adlai
Stevenson once said, the only time he
ever spoke over people's heads, was the
time he lectured from a bridge!  :)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:08 AM 10/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 10/12/97 2:04:32 AM, you wrote:
><<When and where have any government employees ever
>waived their fundamental Right to remain silent,
>in the face of criminal allegations?  
>This is the faulty premise for signing true bills
>on behalf of the accused, if and when they should
>fall silent.
>If you want to throw the Constitution out the window,
>and start all over, with the municipal statutes of an
>absolute legislative democracy, then be my guest, 
>but please do it somewhere else.>>
>**[Michael Smith]  I drove from Palm Springs to Banning today to pickup my
>Red VW which had to be "smogged" (another big lie) and also picked up my old
>76 Revcon motorhome that had new curtain rods installed.  AS I drove back
>down to Palm Springs I saw the desert in front of me and thousands of homes
>and the outlines of several cities (PSprings, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral
>City, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Desert, etc.) and I thought... this
>place like all places is full of gillions of people, hundreds of cops, dozens
>of lawyers, a cadre of judges and everyone believing that the legal system
>and the 'law' today are legitimate.  They are all working at jobs and chasing
>the money god.   They have not a clue of what I know or you know or anyone
>here on these internet pages.  They read newspapers that paint people who
>stand for truth as resisters and I haven't a prayer of persuading them that
>we must return to common law and eschew big government.
>It seems to me that anything I personally do won't change it all.  I can only
>see the power of God as dealing with this mess. I can resist a traffic ticket
>or refuse the IRS and its shenanigan (sp) but as far as correcting the entire
>situation, again, it would seem only the Power of God is going to fix the

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