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Subject: SLF: letter to Washington state Attorney General ("AG")

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TO:       Attorney General
          Washington State

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     September 23, 1997

SUBJECT:  Anonymous Fax in re: "Paper Terrorism"

During the  past 48  hours, our  office received two (2) separate
anonymous fax  transmissions  of  the  attached  memo,  allegedly
written by Washington State Representative Karen Schmidt.

Given the  serious nature  of the  subject matter,  I should hope
that the  sender is  not someone  who would  risk an  act of wire
fraud, in order to play some kind of practical joke.

I think a timely call from your office to Rep. Schmidt would go a
long way  towards clearing  up any misunderstanding that may have
already developed.

If you  need any background on our on-going legal work, please do
avail yourself  of all  the documents now loaded into the Supreme
Law Library,  at the  URL below.   They  are free  to the  United
States of America and to all of their inhabitants.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson 85719/tdc
ARIZONA STATE (See USPS Publication #221.)

email:       supremelaw@ibm.net (586/Eudora Pro 3.0.3(16):
             preferred, to conserve all resources)
phone:       (520) 320-1514 (private line:
             please get permission to disclose)
fax machine: (520) 320-1256 (dedicated hard copy:
             available 24-hours per day or night)
website:     http://supremelaw.com

attachments: 8 pages total (including this page)

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Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris      : Counselor at Law, federal witness 01
B.A.: Political Science, UCLA;   M.S.: Public Administration, U.C.Irvine 02
tel:     (520) 320-1514: machine; fax: (520) 320-1256: 24-hour/day-night 03
email:   [address in toolbar]        : using Eudora Pro 3.0.3 on 586 CPU 04
website: http://supremelaw.com       : visit the Supreme Law Library now 05
ship to: c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776 : this is free speech,  at its best 06
             Tucson, Arizona state   : state zone,  not the federal zone 07
             Postal Zone 85719/tdc   : USPS delays first class  w/o this 08
_____________________________________: Law is authority in written words 09
As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall 10
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal. 11
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