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Subject: SLS: "Unintended Consequences" Quote (fwd)

>         The novel "Unintended Consequences"
>             is allegedly banned in Canada.
>  Excerpt:
>     "Remember Vince Foster?  Look at that case.  You had
>a guy who knew things that could cripple the administration,
>and he's about to get subpoenaed on them.  His own *notes*
>said. "This is a ******* Pandora's Box" or something like that,
>when the investigators were trying to get his records.  He"s
>got a hundred times more power and prestige than he did
>back in Jerkwater, Arkansas, but he's so upset about
>how mean people are in Washington he decides to 
>commit suicide.  As chance would have it, he elects
>to kill himself in a place he's never gone to before
>in his life.  This tiny area just happens to be under
>the jurisdiction of the Washington department least
>capable of investigating a suspicious death.  It just
>happens that he's managed to walk to a spot in this
>park where he killed himself without managing to 
>get any dirt on soles of his shoes."
>     "It just happens there are carpet fibers all over 
>his suit," the young [FBI] agent named Mick broke in.
>"Maybe he rolled around on the floor somewhere
>before hopping in his car to go kill himself in the park."
>     "Right," Butch agreed.  "It just happens there's no
>blood on the scene but his corpse has less than half
>the normal amount of blood in it.  Knowing that he was
>going to die, I guess Foster did the charitable thing and
>donated six pints of blood before killing himself.  And he
>must have had superhuman motivation to get to that
>park to kill himself, 'cause every doctor I've asked 
>said no one could remain conscious with so little
>blood in his system.
>     "He just happens to use an old piece-of-junk
>revolver no one has ever seen before.  There's
>no way he could have bought it legally in DC, so this
>high-powered lawyer must have brought the piece
>of junk all the way from Little Rock and kept it a secret."
>     "Maybe it had sentimental value."
>     "It just so happens that no bullet is ever recovered,
>and the guy is found with his arm stretched out by his
>waist with the gun laying in his open palm."
>     "Which would make it the first suicide on record
>where *that* happened," Mick said.
>      "And finally, the instant he's dead, the people who
>had the most to lose if he talked go clean out his office
>and destroy his records before we can seal the place.
>Only they leave this torn-up note that says, "I did this
>all by myself, nobody else did anything bad, ever,
>they're all innocent of everything, I didn't have anything
>on them, I'm just depressed."  The man took a breath.
>     "I've never seen a suicide with as many red flags
>on it as Foster's," said the agent named Butch. "But
>anyone who even hinted there should be an
>investigation was called a right-wing lunatic with a
>personal vendetta against that administration.  If
>we jump around yelling 'murder,' we look like the
>same old bunch of government sleazeballs
>trying to whitewash the truth and make the feds
>look better."
>     "I guess I'll keep the murder theory in the same
>box as UFO sightings," Neumann said, secretly relieved.
>                            Unintended Consequences
>                            pp. 835-6
>                            John Ross
>                            Accurate Press
>                            $28.95
>                            1996
>                            ISBN 1-888118-04-0
>- Monte

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