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Subject: SLL: State v. Kemp now loaded in Supreme Law Library ("SLL")

Dear America,

Once again, we are very proud and happy
to announce that the pleadings in 
State v. Kemp are now loaded in the
Supreme Law Library ("SLL").

Mike Kemp retained the Supreme Law Firm 
to overturn his marijuana conviction.
After petitions for Mandamus and
Interlocutory Appeal were denied by
the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals,
we attempted to remove the case into
federal court.

A federal question had already arisen
in the federal funds being used to provide
financial assistance to the Etowah County
Drug Task Force.  Then, Mike's retainer
was delayed by the USPS, because it did
not exhibit a ZIP code.  This delayed the
effective assistance of his new Counsel,
raising a 6th Amendment question.

The federal judge made all the same errors
which were made by the Billings judge in
People v. United States.  However, the 
Alabama federal judge did express his
desire to see us prove that federal income
taxes were voluntary on his judicial 
compensation, so we churned out a 
point-by-point explanation, followed by
a demand that he rescind his W-4 -- 
Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Rather than deal with the obvious problems
which had already come before him, that
federal judge punted the case back to state
court, at which time the state judge ordered
Kemp into county jail.

At that point, we retained the expert counsel
of Dale Robertson, one of the nation's leading
experts on Habeas Corpus.  While Dale and I
were fighting against the clock to keep Kemp
out of jail, Mike inexplicably disappeared for
72 hours, during which time Dale and I were 
desperate to hear from him.

On a Saturday evening, at 11:30 p.m., Kemp called
me while I was already fast asleep, to announce
his decision to surrender to the Etowah 
County Sheriff.  Kemp had made this decision
without so much as a courtesy call to me, or
to Dale Robertson, to discuss the idea.

Dale and I then had to go to great lengths to
revise the Habeas Corpus petition, and to locate
and train a "Relator" to bring the papers before
the county court, for immediate consideration.

What happened then proves that the entire case
went down the drain, faster than you could
flush your toilet.  Richard Hayward's affidavit
comes as close as possible to documenting the
corruption which took over, from all directions.

You may remember the Alabama state judge who was
getting all that press, because of the Ten
Commandments exhibited in his courthouse?
Well, now learn the other side of Mr. Roy Moore!

Sadly, Kemp decided to fall totally silent 
towards me, which silence I still cannot explain.
And, not to be outdone by the Department of Justice,
Kemp's "friends" have chosen to vilify me all over
the Internet, with accusations of "gouging" and
over-priced "barratry."  

Kemp now ignores my closing invoice for $1,900,
making it impossible for me to do any more work
pro bono, for anyone.

Truth be told, the pleadings and related documents
now loaded in the Supreme Law Library tell a very
powerful story.  The DRAFT petition to the Alabama
Supreme Court was going to be an unprecedented
event, had it been allowed to ripen.  That court
was slated to hear, and rule, how the federal 
courts have abdicated their responsibility to
sustain the U.S. Constitution, and the two human
rights treaties enacted pursuant to the Supremacy
Clause in that Constitution.

Once again, this is your chance to be the judge,
and also the jury, prosecutor, counsel, defendant,
relator, witness, and reporter.

Please tell your friends about this new addition
to the Supreme Law Library.  We bring these 
materials to you, against all odds.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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