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Subject: SLS: SAFAN NO. 770. The Only Solution to the Arab/Israeli
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>Subject: SAFAN NO. 770.  The Only Solution to the Arab/Israeli Conflict
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>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 770, Oct 13 1997
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>by Barry Chamish (chamish@netmedia.net.il)
>Three days ago a professor of mathematics phoned me from Germany. 
>He had been following my work on MSANews and wanted two colleagues 
>of his currently visiting Israel to meet with me. The next evening a German 
>professor visited me as part of his annual pilgrammage to seek a solution 
>to the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. He had obviously been 
>meeting with Palestinian intellectuals who handed him the usual line 
>about Israeli repression and injustices and prototypical Israeli leftists who
>represent about 5% of the country and undoubtedly confirmed everything 
>he had already heard.
>Accompanying him was a woman in her sixties, also looking most
>intellectual. Her first question to me was what I thought of Shimon Peres? 
>I answered that he was the most deceitful politician ever to disgrace the 
>Jewish people. Needless to say, both academics were somewhat taken 
>by surprise.
>I decided to lay my cards on the table. "You have to understand what my 
>research concludes. There is not a hope of peace until the Oslo Accords 
>are ripped to shreds. I want them disposed of and tomorrow is too late. 
>Next, I want Israel to cancel forever any ties with Yasir Arafat and the 
>PLO. They are too drenched in innocent blood to ever be worthy diplo-
>matic partners for any moral people."
>The professor was now befuddled to the point of wanting to leave. 
>"There must be a mistake. Andreas (his colleague who phoned me) said 
>you had interesting ideas about promoting peace. It sounds like you're 
>one of those people who want to throw all the Arabs out."
>"No," I replied, "I want to prevent that and if Oslo continues, the result 
>will be something similar; and that will cost us thousands of casualties 
>before the dust settles. Now I ask that you bear with me while I explain 
>where I'm coming from."
>I then offered an abridged autobiography along with a potted history of 
>the New World Order. I explained that I have mounted a one man 
>campaign against Israeli political corruption and I don't care where it's 
>coming from Left, Right or Religious. I elaborated on my belief that the 
>Israeli political leadership has been deeply corrupted and compromised 
>by organized evil from abroad. I added, it's the Israeli people who are 
>suffering from the wrongs of its marionette leaders.
>However, I added, the same is true of the other side. The leadership of 
>the PLO, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, they're all as bought, bribed and crimi-
>nalized by the same folks who sit on the Council Of Foreign Relations, 
>Trilateral Commission, Bilberberger Group etc. These people seek 
>conflict, they pay for conflict, they arm conflict and they have placed 
>their puppets in power in the Middle East to guarantee conflict... For 
>conflict will lead to a change in the world status quo. People tired of 
>conflict will sacrifice their liberties for any solution that will promise 
>quiet, such as troops from a world army on their soil, or a dissolution of 
>their nations into a global government run by the above mentioned 
>organizations on behalf of many of the wealthiest financiers on the 
>It was a tough sell but the professor said, "I have heard this theory 
>before. What does it have to do with reaching peace?"
>"Because, we Israelis have something in common with the Arabs. 
>We are both victims of the same tyrants. If a movement of journalists 
>and academics from both sides researched just how outsiders have 
>pitted us against each other, we might just be able to wake up our 
>peoples in time to come up with an eleventh hour solution. Such 
>research would inevitably lead to the conclusion that no peace is 
>possible unless the foreigners and the puppets are removed from our 
>midst. That means Israel's political system would have to start again 
>from point zero and the PLO would have to be replaced by honest 
>political parties whose leaders are not smeared in blood. Believe me, 
>I'll have no problem sweeping Israel's politicians into the closest dustbin
>in exchange or not for the same thing on the other side."
>"But in the end," noted the professor, "you'll have different people still
>negotiating disputed land for a peace. There is no alternative to the 
>Oslo approach."
>"What you are saying is just a failure of the imagination," I retorted. 
>"The Oslo philosophy guarantees, without any room for doubt, that the 
>region will explode. It has to be scrapped in favor of fresh approaches. 
>Once Jews and Arabs understand how Oslo was foisted on them, and 
>what the intended end result of it is, they will abandon the current peace 
>process in favor of something that may work."
>"The Palestinians will never give up their aspirations for a state with 
>Jerusalem as its capital," he insisted. "The PLO represent Arab 
>"The PLO is an artificial organization representing what Arabs have 
>been manipulated to believe are their ambitions by outsiders who want 
>to keep them ignorant, poor and divided. Jerusalem was never an issue 
>to the Arabs until it was turned into one. You can argue that now it is 
>and the clock can't be turned back but I think it can be with a better offer.
>"This will surprise you and it sure has me," I continued, "but since I 
>began contributing to a Moslem news group, MSANews, I have received 
>many letters of support from Arabs who know what I'm getting at, who 
>despise the PLO and most of their own leaders for their corruption and 
>want honest leadership for their countries as much as I want for mine. 
>I have found commonality with some brave Arabs willing to challenge 
>their own rotten political systems."
>"And what can you propose to them that will actually lead to peace?"
>"Yom Kippur is in a couple of days," I answered. "I'll use the quiet to
>contemplate a proposal."
>It is now the evening after Yom Kippur and here is what I came up with.
>Let their be no mistaking that I have few sympathies for Palestinian
>intentions vis a vis my country Israel. However, I recognize that their
>determination to establish a country on land I believe Jews have a far
>better claim to will not cease unless a much superior alternative is 
>The current land for peace approach is unviable. The position of Israel 
>on land coveted by the Palestinians is justifiably intractable. Simply, 
>there is not enough land for two peoples to share and that means not 
>enough land for a viable Palestinian state.
>Yet there is a way to create a Palestinian state that could work and 
>that is by expanding the Gaza Strip into the Sinai Peninsula. Here, 
>there is a vast expanse of barely populated land, only 70,000 people 
>spread over 36,000 square miles. If the Gaza Strip was stretched to El 
>Arish and then 150 miles down, a state encompassing 10,000 square 
>miles, almost exactly the area of Israel, could be established without 
>displacing one person.
>Underneath the soil of the northern Sinai is a huge reservoir of brackish 
>water. Before abandoning the area in 1979, Israel had established 
>successful farms utilizing salt-resistant crops, as it does today in the 
>Negev Desert. With additional irrigation from the Nile, the Sinai could 
>bloom. Cities could arise, ports could be built, parks established; all 
>fulfilling Palestinian aspirations for nationhood.
>The major stumbling block is Egypt. Never mind that the Sinai was 
>attached to Egypt by the British and is not historically part of the country,
>forget that the indigenous inhabitants are Bedouin, not Egyptian and 
>there is no point recalling that Egypt's occupation of Gaza until 1967 was 
>a prime cause o


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