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Subject: SLS: A Once-Free Press (fwd)

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>Dear Editor,
>Leroy Crenshaw wrote:
>"Public exposure to the indecent, illegal and immoral activities of people,
>particularly those who have decided to take 50 percent of our wages in
>taxes, is the job of a free press. Judging by the way unethical and immoral
>people have taken the reins of our country and driven her over a cliff, the
>'free' press has not done its job very well.
>"A free press is the only thing that works. If you want your country back,
>support your free press. Write to it, advertise in it, subscribe to it and
>spread the truth around."
>The trouble is, as I see it, that in our country, at least at the national
>level, it is practically impossible to have a free press.  That's because
>the national media is bought and paid for through advertizing by interests
>that stand to suffer if the truth is widely known.  For example, what would
>happen to some of those businesses if the real truth about the effects of
>protectionism were widely understood?  What would happen if American
>understood that the real purpose of most business regulations is to
>protect the monopolies of the businesses that support the media and the
>Even you at the Idaho Observer have to be careful about the dissemination
>of truths that might offend your financial supporters.  In my view, the
>only free press is a press that is totally supported by its customers, the
>readers.  Aside from probably fewer than a hundred local newsletters, I
>suspect the Internet is really our only hope in this venture.  As the
>Internet spreads and we "little" people discover each other and each
>other's truths, and as we pay the communication bills ourselves, America
>will once again begin to benefit from a "Free Press."
>If we can get that "Press" free enough and sufficiently widespread in time,
>then newspapers like yours that tap into this "inner source" will once
>again feel safe dispersing the truth that matters.
>Ken Larsen
>(801) 533-8658
>856 East 100 South #2
>Salt Lake City, UT  84102

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