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Try him!!  And good luck!!!

His mailing address is found in the
two MEMO's I wrote, one of which 
Mike prevented me from sending (?)

Go figure.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:46 AM 10/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 10/13/97 12:35:17 PM, you wrote:
><<You may remember the Alabama state judge who was
>getting all that press, because of the Ten
>Commandments exhibited in his courthouse?
>Well, now learn the other side of Mr. Roy Moore!>>
>** I would be more than happy to explain with full scriptural documentation
>to Mr. Judge Moore that we are no longer "under" the 10 commandements, that
>the law has been fulfilled in Christ and there is a much greater Kingdom in
>which he can be,  in Jesus Christ than under Moses and the now defunct 10
>commandments. I wonder if Mr. Moore will listen?

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