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Subject: SLS: Mr. Peterson on World Government

>(House of Representatives - October 07, 1997) 
>Mr. PETERSON of Pennsylvania. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for
>I have been a part of the legislative process for 20 years, and 
>I want to sincerely say to my colleagues, the American public
>deserves a more upright and honest statement of the facts.
>  I urge my colleagues tomorrow to read the record that has
>been created here tonight. I want to tell my colleagues, it 
>is far from the truth.
>To make such outlandish statements that the sovereignty act
>is to take away the protection of public lands so people can
>take advantage of them is not true. 
>The American public had very little to say, if anything, 
>at the local level, at the State level and at the national level
>about the biosphere program. It was created by administrations
>with no legislative oversight and no legislative funding and no
>legislative input. There is great concern among people around
>this country that decisions are going to be made in the future
>and are currently being made by world people, people from 
>around the world, and they do not want America governed
>that way, they want America governed by Americans at the
>local level, at the State level and at the national level. 
>And for my colleagues on the other side to make these 
>statements that have been made, and I mean this sincerely,
>they owe the American public an apology because they have 
>talked about everything but the truth. 
>We heard about this being overreaching and so damaging.
>We had others call it crazy, trivial nonsense, and we
>had other ones saying it was all done by local community 
>requests. The American public want to understand world 
>agreements, and they have a right to. They want to understand
>international commitments that our Government makes, 
>and they have a right to. 
>In conclusion, those who want to deprive the average American,
>those who want to deprive the American citizens from having
>the right to understand what biospheres are about, having
>the right to react to their local government or their Congress, 
>whether they agree or disagree, and they may agree, but give 
>them the right.
>When it is not to be publicly debated, people think we have 
>something to hide when they do not have a shot,
>they do not have a bite of the apple. That is what America
>is all about. We cannot have too much sunshine, we
>cannot have too much people participation. 
>People in America are concerned about the proposal of 
>world government and other countries making decisions
>in this country, and generally in a huge percentage they 
>are opposed to that, and we should be sensitive to that
>for the long run of this country, because most other countries
>do not really care about the future of America, but
>Americans do, and they should have the right to understand
>clearly every agreement, every international commitment 
>that is done, and it should be done in the sunshine, and that 
>is what this whole bill is about, not the rhetoric we heard a 
>few moments ago. 

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