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Subject: SLS: Court undermines starr's findings in foster case (fwd)

>I suggest this article be emailed to everyone you know 
>(in the media and out) that you think would like to know 
>the truth about the Starr Report and the Knowlton Insert.  
>I would sugget a prime candidate be Steve Labaton of the
>NY Times, among others.
>Warm regards,
>Hugh S.
>Article is Pasted Below for your convenience:
>Adds Addendum by Key Witness Dismissed by Starr
>By Cathy Leahy
>Now that the  court  for  which  Whitewater  Independent  Counsel
>Kenneth  W. Starr works has issued his long awaited report on the
>death of former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster  for
>public  consumption,  it  becomes evident by their actions in the
>last three months that the three  judges  who  appointed  Kenneth
>Starr are very displeased with his work.
>In  addition  to  the  114  pages  that  the  dominant  media  is
>reporting,  there  are a few more.  Some twenty more to be exact.
>These pages are the equivalent of a neutron bomb  detonated  over
>official  Washington. In these pages, Starr's case to support his
>suicide-in-the park theory is ripped to shreds.  Reed  Irvine  of
>Accuracy in Media recently wrote that Starr would have egg on his
>face if the judges decided to make these pages part of the report
>but  Irvine  was  wrong.   It  is  more  like  eggs benedict with
>The author of the attachment is John Clarke who is  the  attorney
>for Ft. Marcy Park grand jury witness, Patrick Knowlton. Knowlton
>was harassed and intimidated,  allegedly  by  government  agents,
>when  he  had  the audacity to state that the official version of
>his statements to the FBI about what he saw in the park  the  day
>Foster was found dead was a pack of lies.  His subsequent lawsuit
>against the government  for  witness  tampering  notwithstanding,
>here  is  the  dramatic sequence of events as they unfolded after
>Starr announced, on July 15, 1997, that he had filed his  suicide
>report with the court:
>  July 29 -  Since under the statute "interested  parties"  may
>  request to comment on the report, Clarke filed a request with
>  the panel that is reviewing the Starr report, asking that  in
>  the interest of fairness and justice his client be allowed to
>  comment on the report where  his  client  is  mentioned.   He
>  attached  his  400  page  case  which  contains  118 exhibits
>  (mostly government documents) as evidence that Foster did not
>  commit suicide in Ft. Marcy Park.
>  August 7 -  After reading the Clarke  documentation--and  one
>  can  assume  they  had  also read the Starr report--the court
>  issued a demand to Starr that he had 5 days  (not  the  usual
>  10)  to  respond  why Knowlton couldn't see those portions of
>  the report.
>  August 14 - Starr answered that Knowlton would be able to see
>  those portions, but since Knowlton was not mentioned by name,
>  he would not be considered an "interested party."
>  August 20 (approximately) - Knowlton and Clarke were able  to
>  review the pertinent portions of the report.
>  September 23 - Clarke filed a request that the court attach a
>  20  page  filing  which  includes  13  footnotes  and 9 pages
>  covering 25 exhibits  (all  from  government  documents)  and
>  which contradicts the suicide theory and shows evidence of an
>  FBI coverup.  The court promptly ordered the attachment.
>  September 26 - Starr  filed  a  motion  to  exclude  Clarke's
>  attachment.   Before  Clarke  even  received  a  copy  of the
>  motion, the judges denied Starr's motion.  They slapped Starr
>  down. A stunning defeat for Starr.
>  September 29 - Starr filed a 9 page motion to reconsider  and
>  the court slapped him down again.
>  October 10 - Starr's report on Foster was issued by the court
>  (even  though  they had the option of keeping it secret) with
>  the Knowlton attachment against Starr's vigorous objection.
>"The judges had the discretion whether to include our  evidence,"
>Clarke told the Washington Weekly in an exclusive interview.  "It
>is clear that they read  our  evidence  and  weighed  it  against
>Starr's  report  and  didn't  find his argument convincing."  The
>judges  have  no  statutory  power  to  fire  Starr   from   this
>investigation,  only  the attorney general can do that.  "So they
>used the only way they had vent to their anger. They forced Starr to
>append  his  own report with Knowlton's.  They couldn't have done
>anything worse to Ken  Starr's  career.  They  took  him  to  the
>woodshed  and  gave  him a severe lashing. They must be fuming at
>this miscarriage of justice," Clarke said.
>It has been three days since this bombshell was dropped, and  the
>press  is still touting the official line while ignoring the real
>story. Clarke reports that the only contact he has had  with  the
>mainstream  press  is when NBC called him Friday afternoon to see
>if he would be available for comment. He has heard nothing since.
>"The  report  is  full  of  changed  testimony  and  manufactured
>evidence and they had the luxury of three years to do it," Clarke
>contends. In the  case  of  Richard  Arthur,  the  paramedic  who
>adamantly  insisted Foster had a neck wound at the jawline (which
>has since been supported by  documentary  evidence),  Arthur  was
>grilled  over  and  over  after his original testimony to the FBI
>until he finally admitted that he might possibly be  wrong.  "The
>Starr report is replete with instances such as this."
>Clarke discounts Starr's reliance on forensic  pathologist  Henry
>Lee  who  was  instrumental  in  getting O. J. Simpson acquitted.
>"It's outrageous, but it is gratifying to know that the court saw
>through  it,"  he said.  Clarke said it is obvious that the panel
>was persuaded that the Starr report was a fraud.
>So now what? With the credibility of the Starr report in tatters,
>courtesy  of  a  few brave souls and jurists who haven't been co-
>opted into the coverup, when will justice be served? "It's up  to
>congress,"  replied  Clarke.  "Aside  from  our civil suit on the
>witness tampering, Congress is now the only entity that  can  see
>that justice is done.  Congress must have full, open and complete
>public hearings on this subject immediately."
>  Published in the Oct. 13, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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