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>Rep. Traficant, D-OH, House of Representatives - October 08, 1997
>Mr. Speaker, Patricia Mendoza  heckled  the  President;  she  got
>audited.  Kent  Brown  sued  the  First Lady; he got audited. The
>National Center for Public Policy  criticized  the  White  House;
>they  got  audited.  Billy  Dale  got the White House mad; he got
>audited. Paula Jones refused a cash settlement; she got audited.
>If that is not enough to tax  your  disgust,  Shelly  Davis,  the
>author  of Unbridled Power, who testified about IRS abuses before
>the Senate, got a notice in the  mail  yesterday;  she  is  being
>Unbelievable. After all this, an IRS spokesman said, coincidence,
>all  coincidence.  I say, Mr.  Speaker, the IRS has turned into a
>bunch of political prostitutes.
>I want to apologize to all the  hookers  in  America  for  having
>associated  them  with  the  IRS.  I  say  beam  me  up, dot com,
>coincidence this.
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